Pool Showers

Most people don't think to shower before and after using the pool, but a quick rinse can do wonders in terms of keeping bodily pollutants and organic toxins out of the water. Even waterproof sunscreen and tanning oils can release chemical components into the water once you're in. Eliminate the amount of dirt, grass and sand you'll track into the pool by washing your body off in a poolside shower or cabana. Shower again when you're finished to ensure all the pool chemicals are washed away. Outdoor showers are compact and convenient. They're a perfect backyard addition if you spend a lot of time in your pool.

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Hose down before you swim with an outdoor pool shower from Kmart

It's a good idea to apply SPF to your skin when you're spending the afternoon outdoors, but when you're also getting in and out of the pool, the lotion can leave your body and pollute the pool water. Rinsing off in a pool shower before entering the water eliminates the amount of contaminants you track into the pool. Pool water is full of necessary chemicals to keep algae and bacteria out, but those chemicals can also leave your skin feeling itchy and dry. Keep your skin healthy and moisturized by rinsing off in an outdoor shower when you're done swimming.

Promote healthy use of your pool by encouraging swimmers to rinse off before and after swimming. Pool showers are easy to assemble and connect directly to your garden hose for immediate use. Solar energy efficiently heats the water, so it's ideal to place it somewhere that isn't too shady. Swimming is more pleasant when you don't have to worry about a cloudy mess lingering in the water caused from tracking in pollutants. Eliminate the extra chore of cleaning the water more often than necessary by making it a habit to shower before and after using the pool.

If you spend a lot of time in the pool, you'll want to avoid the effects of exposure to chlorine like dry skin or sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. It's necessary to chemically treat your pool to prevent bacteria buildup and algae growth, but too much contact with harsh chemicals isn't healthy. Measure chlorine and pH levels with pool test supplies and take care of your sensitive skin by routinely washing off in the pool shower.

Of course, there are other benefits to wetting your body before and after swimming. Even in sparkling clean water, your skin and hair are very absorbent. Pre-rinsing your hair before you enter the pool coats the strands, protecting them so that chemicals don't seep into your hair as easily. Blondes are at a particular disadvantage when swimming in water that's highly chlorinated because chemicals absorbed in lighter hair can tint the strands green. You can wear protective swimming gear to shield your hair in the water, but rinsing off in an outdoor shower can be even more convenient.

Whether you care mostly about keeping your skin and hair healthy or you're taking a proactive measure to keep the water clean and clear for as long as possible, pool showers are the perfect solution. Kmart carries portable outdoor showers that connect easily to your garden hose so you can quickly rinse off in between all that swimming.


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