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One of the more tedious things about owning a swimming pool is the routine upkeep. Use your pool skimmer quite a bit less by covering your pool each night with an insulating solar pool cover. Solar blankets are great for everyday use because they're easy to pull on and off. They keep the water in the pool warm and unwanted debris off the surface so when you're ready to swim, the water is clean and comfortable. Kmart carries solar blankets and all-weather winter pool covers at affordable prices for pools of all sizes.

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Keep your pool sparkling clean with a durable pool cover from Kmart

It's a great feeling when a summer breeze is finally in the air and you can open your pool for the season. Of course, flying allergens and insects of all sizes are also in the air, which means they'll eventually find a landing place on your pool's surface. Limit the leaves and other unwanted debris that end up floating in the water by covering your pool in the evenings with an insulating solar blanket.

Regulating your pool's water temperature is an important part of routine pool maintenance. You want the water cool enough during the day to act as a refreshing escape from the heat but just warm enough in the evening to comfortably enjoy a nighttime dip. You can invest in a pool heater to regulate temperature at the turn of a dial, or you can heat your pool the natural way by draping a solar blanket over the surface whenever you aren't swimming. A solar cover reduces evaporation and radiant heat loss by trapping existing heat in the water and collecting rays from the sun during the day for additional heat. These covers are fitted to be slightly smaller than the perimeter of the pool, so they sit just inside of the pool wall instead of draped over the edges.

Solar covers are great for daily use and work to keep the water warm and eliminate the amount of debris you'll need to remove from the surface before you swim. When you begin to winterize your pool for the season, you'll need a different cover that can withstand winter's worst. Cold-weather pool covers are made of polyethylene and can endure heavy fall foliage and snow buildup without caving in or ripping.

To avoid the additional cost of filling the pool back up every year, most pool owners only partially drain their pool for the winter. Look for a cover with a dark underside to hinder algae growth so the water is crystal clear come springtime. The cover rests on top of the surface and drapes over the edges, and these covers are manufactured to have a 3- or 4-foot overlap to stay snug and secure during the cold months. Use your pool pump to drain standing water that accumulates on the cover before you take it off, and store it in a dry place until it's time to cover the pool again.

In addition to keeping warmth in the water from yesterday's hot rays, a pool cover will also help keep the water clear so your pool requires less maintenance. For solar blankets and winter pool covers, Kmart is the place to shop.


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