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      Cultivate poolside serenity with the right pool accessories from Kmart

      Everyone has their favorite remedies for keeping cool on hot summer days. If you've decided to upgrade your backyard with a swimming pool, make sure you have the pool accessories you need to keep the water clean, clear and refreshing. From solar covers to organizational towel trees and poolside showers to rinse off before and after you swim, Kmart has all of the pool supplies you need to create your very own cabana dream.

      Whether you love to entertain outdoors or you prefer a cozy spot beside the pool all by yourself, you can make your poolside experience more peaceful with the soothing sounds of a pool fountain. Choose a cascade fountain that sits on the edge of the pool and works in conjunction with your pool pump to send streams of water across your pool surface in a beautiful arch. If you spend a lot of time out back in the evenings, select a water feature that floats, spins and sprays water in colorful spurts. A pool fountain that can double as an entertaining light show for your guests provides the vacation-like feel of staying at a tropical resort.

      When your backyard feels like a relaxing resort, you'll find yourself spending more time outside than in the house. Choose multifunctional pool accessories that can be used for outdoor entertainment even when you're not in the pool. Pool lights brighten up the water so you can safely swim after dark, and some of them come with a pivoting stand so you can set the lights up on a deck or patio if you'd rather hang out beside the pool than actually in the water. Let the colorful blinking lights set the stage for a poolside dance party with your friends, or wade around in the pool next to floating lights.

      Pool accessories like floating fountains and colorful lights are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any swimming area. Other accessories are more practical, like pool ladders with large rungs for easy in and out and shower cabanas so guests can easily change into a swimsuit without needing to use your inside bathroom.

      Whether you've owned a pool for a while or this is your first season with a private swimming pool in your backyard, make sure your coordinate your purchase with pool accessories that will enhance your swimming area. Kmart carries pool supplies and accessories at everyday low prices, so you'll be able to splurge on accessories that will give your space a tropical feel.

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