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      Find the perfect toy for your little boy

      For generations, little boys have loved to play with cars, toy action figures, sports equipment, pretend tools and more. Little boys love to mimic their fathers with toys that look just like dad's grill, tools or lawn mowing equipment. At Kmart, we have more than a thousand toys for boys that your son will love, whether he's 6 or 16. We have indoor games, outdoor games, board games, action figure playsets, toy cars, ride-on vehicles and tons of other toys that your son will love.

      Boys typically have an overload of energy, which is why we have so many games, toys and activities that will let your son get on the move while having fun at the same time. At Kmart, we have plenty of bikes, skateboards and sports equipment that will keep your boys occupied and physically active at the same time. Skateboards are available in a variety of lengths designed to accommodate children as they grow. Kids who love an adrenaline rush will enjoy a new generation of electric skateboards and cool skateboard accessories. We also have tons of different bikes for little boys of all ages, from Little Tikes and Step 2 tricycles to BMX bikes your teenager will want to ride. Boys will also love to have wars with our selection of water and foam blasters. We also have smaller squirt guns that are perfect for the pool, bathtub or for any warm day.

      Kmart also has a wide selection of action figure characters from your son's favorite movies, video games, TV shows and comic books. We also have tons of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures, WWE wrestling figures, Star Wars figures and Disney characters. Boys love playing with collector sets and science kits that will keep them entertained for hours and give them a hobby. If your little boy wants to grow up to be a knight in shining armor, the Imaginext ogre castle will fire his imagination. For those miserable rainy days, sports board games can be a great way for older children to enjoy their love for sports indoors.

      Boys of all ages love to play with cars, trucks and other manly machinery. At Kmart, we have toy cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. Little boys love to play with dump trucks and other construction equipment in the sandbox, at the beach or in the comfort of their own living room. If he's more of a train guy, help him play engineer with our collection of train playsets. He'll love laying track, designing his own rail system, and yelling "all aboard" as the train leaves the station.

      No matter whether your child loves Disney or digging in the dirt, we have the toys your boys will love. When it comes to finding the coolest toys at the best prices, trust your shopping to Kmart.

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