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      Toys for ages 6-8 are easy to find at Kmart

      Choosing the right toys for ages 6-8 is easy when you know what you want for your child. Kmart carries a full range of toys for younger children, some of which offer an educational value and entertainment at the same time. For quick learners, choose from educational electronics that teach children spelling, reading and writing. For kids who just want to have fun, let them release their energy outdoors with their favorite ride on toys.

      With remote control toys, your children stay entertained for hours whether it's indoors or out. Choose from traditional RC vehicles such as the New Bright Black Interceptor with its high spoiler and sleek design that handles high speeds. Some radio control toys feature larger wheels that allow them to drive upside down and right-side up. Help your child build on fine motor skills with a remote control spy plane, as he or she learns to fly it high above the ground.

      Reading is fun when your child has the right tools. Increase his or her reading skills with a variety of reading games for your kids, both physical and electronic. Improve your child's vocabulary skills with Just specially designed kids' laptops and play sets designed to teach them new words and reinforce old words. With educational games and toys, children can learn the basics of reading and writing while having fun. With Lego blocks, your child can work on shapes, spatial recognition and other important math proficiencies. Honing in on early developmental skills is sure to give your child an advantage in the classroom.

      After a long day of reading and writing, let your children use their imaginations with pretend play and dress up toys. Children of all ages enjoy dressing up and playing pretend, and with a play kitchen, your children can act like mom and dad while cooking pretend food in their very own place. Allow your child to save the world with a superhero dress up set and Nerf toys instead of guns. Cinderella sparkle dresses are also available, which can transform your child into a beautiful Disney princess. Even little guys will love pretending to be their favorite wrestlers with WWE boys toys.

      Toys for ages 6-8 offer children everything from improving developmental skills to using their imaginations. With toys designed to accommodate your child's age, they're sure to learn faster and easier than with toys above or below their age level. Shop at Kmart online or in-store for more affordable toys and games for children of all ages.

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