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      Toys for ages 3-5 teach your kids while having fun

      When searching for toys for ages 3-5, it's important to know the needs of your child and whether the product delivers an educational value to him or her. Teach your child to have fun while learning with a beginner laptop that helps with early developmental skills using computers and electronics. While learning is important during play, you'll also find casual playtime toys, like Fisher-Price Power Wheels and other ride-on toys for your kids.

      Electronic learning toys come in a variety of styles and purposes, including helping your child with reading, writing and memory skills. Leap Frog learning tablets offer your child limitless fun with over 100 cartridge games and activities. Some learning toys also teach your child problem-solving skills with easy-to-use buttons that light up and a large handle for carrying around. You can even find interactive dolls like Big Hugs Elmo, designed to play with your child and encourage creativity.

      A variety of boys and girls' toys are available for your toddler to choose from. Of course, there will always be kids' favorites, like dolls, action figures, playsets and more. Toddler toys are full of imagination, creativity and ways for your children to grow and mimic life. Some will even offer an educational flare like jigsaw puzzles that can help your child with problem-solving skills or games that test memory, coordination and other important skills.

      Playing card games is another way to teach your child memory and social skills. Play along with your child when you have interactive family board games that bring the whole family together with challenging twists for grown-ups. You'll find games that are perfect for your preschooler, helping them with colors, shapes and animals. Develop your child's creativity with games from top brands like Hasbro and Parker Brothers, and see what creative questions your child can think to ask you in this exciting family card game.

      Finding toys for ages 3-5 is easy when you have an idea of what you want for your child. Shop at Kmart for more affordable toys, games and more. You'll find a vast selection of toys for girls and boys of all ages. Your toddler will love playing with all of these creative and fun toys, and you'll love how fast your child learns and grows.

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