Wood & Pegged Puzzles

Little ones can easily bend a piece of cardboard, which is why parents have long turned to wood puzzles. Continue the tradition with Kmart's selection of well-crafted wooden puzzles. We feature great brands like Melissa and Doug, and our selection includes puzzles in a wide range of themes. Choose from animals, shapes, letters, toy cars and even some of your kids' favorite characters. Look for puzzles that play sounds, too, to help reward kids when they place the pieces correctly and improve their hand-eye coordination. Remember, puzzles are a great Christmas gift idea!

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Get a lasting toy in a wooden puzzle

Wood puzzles have long been a staple of childhood. While boys and girls everywhere are partaking in the fun, moms and dads know these are some of the best educational tools around. Whether it's a jigsaw puzzle putting the problem-solving skills of a child (or even those who are children at heart) to the test, or a mind teaser that sharpens memory, puzzles are a must-have. What is especially great about puzzles is that they come in a wide variety of themes, including animals, cars, geography and more. And with an endless array of shapes and sizes, almost anyone can find the perfect puzzle for them. As the user masters one puzzle, there's another waiting with more pieces or greater complexity! If you are looking for puzzles with a twist, 3-D puzzles might be the answer.

While many puzzles these days are built of cardboard pieces, wood puzzles are built to last. Because they are made of wood, these puzzles can handle more of the wear and tear that usually comes with the territory. Great options for younger children, wooden puzzles include large-piece jigsaw puzzles that usually involve animals or cartoon characters, connect-the-dots, and mazes. These are all terrific ways to teach and develop problem-solving skills in young, still-forming brains.

Puzzles aren't just for children; they make for great family entertainment. No matter the theme or size, everyone can get involved by teaming up to find a solution. Some are even so complex that you need the adult set to help get everything in the right place, such as the jigsaw puzzle. Usually the first puzzle that comes to mind, the jigsaw puzzle offers various degrees of challenge with different sizes depending upon experience. If you want to take the difficulty level up a notch, try piecing together a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the final product is supposed to look like!

Add a new dimension to family fun time with a 3D puzzle. 3D puzzles don't require special glasses, but they do present the task of building replicas if items ranging from vehicles to buildings. Given the necessary pieces, these puzzles bring out the construction maven in the user. From complex, famous structures such as the Eiffel Tower to skulls or princess glass slippers, 3D puzzles give your brain a new challenge and a new way of looking at the world.

No matter the age group or style of puzzle, there are countless options and limitless hours of fun to be had by all. Whether you're looking for a solid toy the baby can pummel or a classic piece that can be passed down to the next generation, wooden puzzles are a classic, high-quality toy.


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