Jigsaw Puzzles

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      Sharpen your brain with jigsaw puzzles

      For generations, both children and adults have been putting together jigsaw puzzles as a way to relax, have fun and pass the time on a rainy day. Whether you're looking for a complicated puzzle with thousands of pieces, or an easy, educational puzzle for your young son or daughter, Kmart has hundreds of jigsaw puzzles to choose from at low prices. We have puzzles with large pieces and 3D Puzzles, as well as plenty of puzzles you came frame and mount when you're done or simply take apart and put together again. Choose from our great selection of jigsaw puzzles for people of all ages with all kinds of interests.

      Jigsaw puzzles can be a great family activity, especially if you've rented a house for vacation or have a summer home. Spend time bonding with your family on a quiet afternoon putting together a jigsaw puzzle that will make you feel accomplished when you finish it. Set up your puzzle on a card table and come back to it when the weather is bad, or buy multiple puzzles and partner up with your family members to have a competition. Kmart has tons of different puzzles to choose from that are easy enough for little kids to help, but also challenging enough for the older family members.

      If you enjoy puzzles and brain teaser games, you can never have too many puzzles hanging around the house. Stock up on puzzles of all different shapes and sizes, so everyone in your family can pull one out when they're board and challenge themselves. Choose from puzzles with nature scenes, action scenes, famous places, animals, paintings and your favorite characters from movies, books and TV shows. We also have panoramic puzzles, extra large puzzles and even a collection of tiny puzzles by Masterpieces Puzzles. Check out our selection of 3D puzzles for a special challenge. We have 3D puzzles shaped like different structures, as well as some shaped like spheres, globes and cubes with different designs on them.

      If you're looking for a great toy learning system for your child, Kmart offers a variety of educational puzzles that will help your little one learn and develop skills. We have tons of character puzzles, as well as puzzles that will help your child learn about what different animals and things in nature look like. Our children's globe puzzleball will give your child an opportunity to put together their very own globe and learn where the different continents are. We also have fun wood puzzles for toddlers and preschool-aged children, so they don't eat cardboard pieces.

      So whether you're looking for a complex 2,000-piece puzzle or a smaller puzzle you can put together when you have a spare few hours, Kmart has the variety and selection you need to find the perfect puzzle. Choose from hundreds of different puzzles with all different designs, shapes and sizes at Kmart, where the prices are low and the selection is excellent.

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