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      Brain teasers are educational and family fun

      Doing puzzles, brain teasers and playing strategy games are great ways keep your mind challenged. If you're looking a way to challenge yourself and your friends while having a good time, check out Kmart's selection of brain teasers. Brain teasers can be individual challenges, games, puzzles or toys your children play with and learn from at the same time. A brain teaser is a puzzle that requires unconventional ways of thinking to solving it. At Kmart, we have tons of fun lateral thinking, logic, word, physical and riddle brain teasers for people of all ages, abilities and strengths, whether you're looking for something to do alone or with a group of people.

      For those who love number challenges, we have tons of different brain teaser games and puzzle that will require you to put your thinking cap on. We have brain teasers like the class Number Puzzle, which requires you to slide the numbers around and then try to put them back in order. The game, which is different every time you play, is a fun way to pass time and challenge your friends. Another similar game is the square root game, which requires you to slide blocks around until you find the block's square root.

      Physical brain teaser puzzles and city 3D puzzles are great for teaching patience. At Kmart, we have tons of different puzzles that will keep both your hands and your brain moving. We have a variety of variations of the classic Rubik's Cube game, which requires you to move the parts of the cube to realign the mixed up colors. We have Rubik's cubes that have more squares, fewer squares, a twisted brain teaser and even electronic versions. We also have puzzles that require you to separate two or more pieces that are somehow linked together. We also have a variety of Tetris games so you can challenge yourself along with a group of friends. Jigsaw puzzles also make great visual challenges.

      Brain teasers can be a way for young children to learn ways to think outside the box. At Kmart, we have plenty of brain teaser games and puzzles for children and teens. Think Fun makes a ton of different games that will challenge your kids with word puzzles, color puzzles, knot puzzles and more. We also have puzzle books, wooden puzzles and other 3D puzzles children can put their hands on. Most brain teasers for children are very visual, allowing them to develop skills. Games that are simple for adults, such as checkers, can be a great brain teaser starter for a young child.

      So whether you're looking for something that will keep you occupied when you're along on a rainy day, or something that you can play with a large groups of friends, Kmart has tons of brain teasers to choose from. Browse our selection to find the perfect activity for your friends and family.

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