3-D Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most popular toys to help kids develop spatial and motor skills, but sometimes, kids want to take it to the next level. Here at Kmart, we have a wide range of 3-D puzzles that stretch kids in their ability to think outside the box and provide that added challenge. Try classic puzzles like the Rubik's Cube and putting together toy models of dinosaur skeletons. If you're looking for something more unique, try abstract puzzle sets with tons of different challenges or 3-D puzzles that come together to make famous landmarks.

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Give your brain a new challenge with 3D puzzles

For generations, people have been doing jigsaw puzzles as a way to keep busy, tease their brain and keep themselves entertained on rainy days. Puzzles are one of the most popular toys that help kids develop spatial and motor skills. But 3D puzzles will stretch kids and adults in their ability to think outside the box. At Kmart, we have tons of different types of 3D puzzles that will bring a new dimension to jigsaw puzzles. We have puzzles that come in different shapes, sizes and materials for children and adults of all different ability levels. So if you're looking for a new challenge for yourself or your family, shop at Kmart for the best selection of 3D puzzles.

If you're looking for a puzzle that you can put on display when you're done, check out our selection of crystal or wood puzzles. Our 3D crystal puzzles will bend your brain with the interlocking plastic pieces that look frustratingly similar. Once you're finished, the sleek design will impress all those who see it. The puzzles are challenging, but don't typically have more than 50 pieces. We have different designs and characters, such as Snoopy, a clover, a treasure chest and more. Our selection of wood block puzzles are also fun to build, because you can leave it in its natural wood color or paint it when you're done. Build a wood aircraft carrier, castle or a temple. Once you're finished, you'll have the satisfaction of finishing and a piece of art as well.

At Kmart, we also have more challenging 3D puzzles that have can have up to 1,000 pieces. Puzzle balls and puzzle pyramids are interesting and challenging because you already know the shape but have to match the colors and design of each piece. Create a cityscape of London, Washington D.C. or Hong Kong with our selection of 4D Cityscape Puzzles. We also carry puzzles that recreate famous structures such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. These are especially great for exposing your children to other cultures. Kids will learn puzzle-building skills but will also learn a little bit about another country or culture. So if you're looking for a good mind puzzle, Kmart has a wide selection of 3D puzzles to choose from.

Aside from the cultural value, puzzles are great ways to keep the mind active and teach children patience. Children will love the challenge of putting something together, especially if it's something they're interested in building. At Kmart, we have tons of puzzles, both 3D and 2D, that your children will enjoy playing with. We also have puzzles suitable for toddlers and small children, which are perfect for getting your kids started with puzzles. They'll love doing putting together their own puzzles right beside you!

Doing a puzzle is a great way to stay busy on a rainy day, or to pass time when you're on a laid-back vacation with your family. At Kmart, we have a wide selection of puzzles for the whole family. Choose from cool, unique 3D puzzles, or more traditional puzzles that will keep your family entertained for hours. Preserve your puzzle by framing it, or show off your complex new 3D structure.


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