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Children Can Play Dress-up with Fun Accessories from Kmart

Playing dress-up is fun for children of all ages, and you can give your child fun gifts and other accessories that can add to his or her imagination. At Kmart, you have access to hundreds of dress-up items, clothing and accessories that allow your children to become whatever they imagine.

If your little girl has a collection of Barbie dolls, then you can help transform her into a Barbie of her own. With Barbie dresses, your daughter can become a Barbie ballerina or princess. The Barbie ballerina dress even comes with slippers so that your little girl can pirouette from room to room.

Before she puts on that Barbie dress, let her style her hair with a "Who's That Girl" or Disney Princess hair set. These sets come in a portable tote bag, and each one contains a blow dryer, hair brush, comb, crimper and more, all of which are essential accessories to create beautiful hair.

Just Kidz has fun accessories for both boys and girls. Girls will enjoy the Just Kidz compact makeup sets. These are available in both heart and flower shapes, and each one includes lip gloss, nail polish and blush. Boys and girls can pretend to own stores with their very own Just Kidz cash register. Your children can take turns being the customer and the clerk while playing with the cash register with working scale, voice recording, toy credit cards and cash drawer.

With the right costumes and accessories, your children can turn their imaginations into real life. From makeup sets and dresses to cash registers and accessories, your child can pretend to be something different every day. Shop Kmart for affordable dress-up clothing and accessories for your little ones.