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      Lawn, Workshop and Tool Toys Provide Hours of Fun

      Kids like playing make believe, and it often includes mimicking what their parents do. You can help your child make the most of his imagination by purchasing lawn, workshop and tool toys and playsets from Kmart. Kmart carries a huge lineup of these lifelike yet kid-friendly toys. They make the most of kids' imaginations and help improve developmental skills as well. Sturdy, durable designs and bright, vibrant colors make them welcome additions to any home. As always, you will find today's lowest prices when you shop for these toys at Kmart.

      Brands like Playskool offer many different types of make-believe toys for kids. Small children love hammer and nail sets, which they can use to practice their hammering skills. These toys include large, brightly colored nails that can be driven into plastic boards over and over again. They feature compact sizes that make it easy to take them along wherever your child goes.

      Children who like working with pretend tools will be thrilled by the great tool workshop playsets that are available at Kmart. They are offered by Step 2 and brands like it and are sure to provide many hours of fun. Popular styles include workbenches, vises, pegboards and other unique features. They often usually include an assortment of toy tools as well, which allows small kids to get started with play time right away.

      If your child is fascinated by the lawnmower, he's going to love the assortment of toy lawnmowers and other lawn toys that are available from Kmart. Options from brands like Fisher-Price are lightweight enough for young kids to maneuver around with ease. Top-selling models play music and make charming sounds as they are rolled around. They are made out of durable plastics that can withstand the elements easily. Best of all, Kmart carries these charming lawn toys at very competitive prices.

      It's fun pretending to be mom or dad, at least for a little while. Kmart's selection of tool, workshop and lawn toys includes options that are sure to appeal to practically any child. Shop Kmart today to take your pick from a wide, affordably priced selection of these popular toys.

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