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      Puppets foster creativity, social skills for all ages

      Puppets are a great way for children of all ages to express their creativity, no matter what age they are. If your kids love making their stuffed animals and rag dolls talk and interact with each other, they'll love the chance to play with real puppets they can control. Puppets let kids create characters, personalities and situations that foster creativity and imagination, whether your child is 3 or 13.

      Kids love making their puppets and move and dance in ways that traditional animal dolls and rag dolls can't. They'll spend hours making up story lines and skits with their friends or siblings. At holiday or family gatherings, your children can show off all their work by putting on a show for the adults. They'll spend hours coordinating the characters and making sure the show is perfect. A puppet stage will make your children feel like their show is authentic and official.

      Making sure your child has a variety of puppets to choose from or share with friends is key when it comes to creativity. The plush pirate, princess ballerina and firefighter puppets are easily animated and fun to play with. Each character has a beautifully detailed outfit that includes a wooden hand rod to control hand movement. Children will love pretending the puppet is his or her friend. Kmart also offers themed packs of puppets that will let your children play with more than one at a time or with other kids. Children will be able to learn important life lessons with Dexter Sets, including the set of four multicultural special needs puppets, the set of eight multicultural family puppets and the set of seven biblical puppets. The Alphabet People Puppets and the Problem Solving Puppets are great preschool toys that will help your children learn while having fun at the same time.

      Puppetry is also a perfect way for your son or daughter to learn social skills. Playing and cooperating with other children is important at all ages, whether it's with siblings, family members, neighbors or classmates. Thrill your child and his or her friends with a puppet stage that will give them an authentic theater experience. The Step 2 Puppet Theater has a sturdy design with storage doors that double as a ticket counter and show schedule. The stage includes two hand puppets, curtains, a dry erase marker and decals. Let your kids enhance their creativity by using dress up toys if they decide to be part of the acting with their puppets, or by encouraging them to create their own puppets. The Create-Your-Own Puppets set comes with 12 unique puppet sticks, 12 stands and more than 600 brightly colored pop outs to make the puppet with.

      So whether you're looking for simple puppets for your children, or a stage and accessories to enhance the experience, Kmart has all your puppetry needs. Give your children a few different puppets to play with, and watch their imagination run wild.

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