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Get your children career-oriented with medical dress-up toys

We all want our children to grow up to be successful, and we can encourage this through career exploration at a young age. While many children love to play pretend as fanciful characters like princesses, knights, fairies and dragons, these roles don't always pan out as lifetime careers. When it comes to career education, perhaps nothing is quite as effective as good dress up play. While other toys are separated into toys by gender, career toys let boys and girls alike explore any number of professions. Perhaps one of the most fun professions is the medical doctor. Children see the doctor often during the early years and form an attachment to those squeaky clean offices and all the fun tools of the trade. Why not encourage some career exploration with medical dress-up toys?

It's not hard to get the costume box stocked with a few medical outfits. You will need a set of tiny scrubs and a perfectly white lab coat to get you started. If you are handy, you can embroider your child's name onto the coat for a personal effect. These costume items are essential for your child to get into the role. Of course, you may also need some face masks, booties and scrub caps in case your child has to attend an emergency medical procedure. These costume box items can be mixed and matched to play a number of roles in the medical profession, from doctors and nurses to ambulance and x-ray technicians.

You will also need a variety of accessories to complete the medical pretend play scenario. After all, your child will perform all sorts of exams, procedures and repairs on an entire collection of dolls and puppets. You can buy a complete medical kit or assemble one of your own to make sure your pint-sized pediatrician has everything she needs. A stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and thermometer are essential to take vitals. Then your little doctor will need bandages, toy syringes and pretend surgery tools for the more serious repairs. Sometimes you can use real-life doctor's tools to help your child get a closer feel to the real thing. After all, it's pretty cool to hear your brother's heartbeat.

Many toy manufacturers are getting in on the career toy craze, and have a variety of toys that will help your child really get into medical dress up. Disney's Doc McStuffins is a strong female character in a science-driven field. She comes complete with her own lab coat and medical kit so your son or daughter can practice medicine right alongside a beloved toy. Other famous television and movie characters pop up in career attire from time to time when special release dolls are made available. Pick one up so your child can play pretend with his action figures and work right alongside those imaginary characters to save the world, one medical emergency at a time.

Shopping for dress up box items is a breeze with Kmart, where you can find a variety of dress-up outfits for any career your child can dream up. Start with some basic wardrobe items, then load up on accessories that will give your children the most realistic dress up experiences imaginable. After all, they'll be grown up before you know it, and it never hurts to have a doctor in the family!


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