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      Trampolines keep the whole family healthy and active

      Kids and adults alike love the weightless feeling of bouncing high in the air as if they were flying. Enhance your family's outdoor fun this season by buying a trampoline. Investing in a trampoline is a great opportunity for your family to exercise and get fresh air. They're also a hit at social gatherings, parties and picnics. Kids will spend hours jumping, bouncing and doing athletic tricks on a trampoline. At Kmart, we have tons of different sizes and styles for any size of yard and any budget. So if you're looking for an activity that is sure to keep your whole family busy, look no further than our great line of trampolines.

      If you have a small space for a trampoline, or if you're looking for one that will optimize your fitness opportunities, choose from our selection of mini trampolines. They come in sizes that are generally 36 inches wide or larger. Smaller trampolines force you to work a little harder to get the bounce going because they're not as wide and they're low to the ground. Smaller trampolines are great for low-impact aerobics because they don't put a lot of the pressure on your joints that running or walking would. The Stamino In-Tone Plus is perfect for working out, especially because it comes with resistance tubes that will intensify your workout. It also comes with an electronic fitness monitor that will allow you to track your workout and calories you've burned. Bazoongi is a brand that makes smaller trampolines in fun colors and patterns. We also have simple, plain small trampolines, as well as some that are designed for younger kids, such as the Pure Fun First Jumper Kids Trampoline.

      At Kmart, we also have tons of larger trampolines that are bouncier and can accommodate more than one person at a time. Our 12-foot, 14-foot and 15-foot trampolines are great when you have several people who want to jump at one time, especially at parties and social gatherings. Because larger trampolines generally have more bounce, Kmart has tons of toy safety gear that will ensure you and your family are safe while jumping. When you're having fun, especially with multiple people on one trampoline, it's easy to hurt yourself or get bounced off. With our selection of safety nets, you won't have to worry about anyone falling at getting hurt. We also have a selection of handrails for both small and large trampolines. Handrails designed for trampolines help you keep your balance, whether you're jumping for fun or for exercise. Also be sure to keep your trampoline away from anything with sharp corners. Placing it too near your gutters or swing set could end in scrapes and bruises if someone should have a misplaced jump.

      At Kmart, we have other fun outdoor yard activities that will keep your whole family entertained. If you're looking for a little ride, but not something as thrilling as a trampoline, check out our collection of patio swings. So whether you're looking for a big, fun trampoline your kids will love, or a small swing set for your little one, Kmart has everything you need to keep your family entertained outdoors all year long.

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