Sand & Beach Toys

      Kids love being outdoors during the summer, and our sand and beach toys from Kmart are sure to keep them busy during countless outdoor hours. Find buckets, shovels and molds so your kids can construct spectacular sand castles. Help them stay cool with our water toys like squirters, and don't forget beach towels, too. If you can't make it to the beach often, bring the beach to you with our backyard sand toys. Set up a sandbox for your little ones or put up a sand and water table for them to build and explore.

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      Beach toys are essential for fun at the beach or in the sandbox

      If you have children, going to the beach isn't the same without making a sandcastle or playing in the sand. Kids of all ages love to dig into the sand with shovels and different plastic toys that will let them mold fun, interesting shapes. At Kmart, we have a variety of beach toys that will give you and your children something to keep you entertained in the sand, whether in the sandbox in the backyard, at a lake or at the ocean. Let the whole family work together to build a grandiose sand castle with a moat, or let your little one be creative in the sand box. Children also love to use shovels and other sand tools to bury toys and rocks in the sandbox they'll find again later.

      To children, beach toys are absolutely vital for a trip to the beach or for use in their sandbox. With our sets, you'll find pails, shovels, sifters, molds shaped like animals, molds that make sandcastles and other assorted toys. We have sets that come with eight, 10 and 15 pieces, so your children will never have to fight over having a toy. Our five-leg sand digger allows children to sit in the attached chair and scoop up sand or dirt. It has five legs for added stability with a contoured plastic seat and hand controls that work the scoop. Keep your toddler occupied with the John Deere Buck Utility ATV he or she can ride in the sand with. The ATV will give your little one a real riding adventure with its front and rear tracks, fun sounds that sound real and blinking signals.

      Small children love playing in sandboxes. At Kmart, we have a variety and selection of sandboxes that will appeal to young children with different interests. The My Little Sandbox Princess Dreams is perfect for little girls. The wooden sandbox has dreamy, colorful sand with a prince, a princess, a horse-drawn carriage, a magic castle, a hope chest with jewels, a swan, a glass slipper and more. My Little Sandbox also makes other themed sandboxes, including Pirates Ahoy!, Beach Party and Dino Land. Step 2 also makes a variety of sandbox toys for children, including the Splash & Scoop Bay and the Naturally Playful Summertime Play Center.

      At the beach and looking for something to do other than building castles? Kmart also offers a variety of other fun toys children can enjoy at the beach. Kids will have a blast and stay cool at the same time with toy blasters. We carry brands such as NERF, Hasbro and WowWee blasters that shoot water at your target. Check out our bubbles and bubble makers that children will love to play with, whether they're in the backyard or at the beach. Bring along some outdoor toy furniture, such as plastic chairs and tables, to keep them happy off the hot sand while mom and dad relax in loungers.

      So whether you're looking for sand and beach toys or other activities to keep your children occupied, shop Kmart for all your needs. We'll help you turn your beach day into a trip you'll all remember!

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