Pogo Sticks, Stilts, & Juggling

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      Make life a circus with stilts and juggling accessories

      Kids of all ages love the chance to play with toys that require them to practice before they can show off their skills. Using stilts and learning how to juggle are great ways to engage kids in the kind of physical play parents love to see. Kids will spend hours working toward being able to juggle or practicing balancing on stilts. Stilts and juggling accessories can be a great gift to get your children after they've been to the circus. At Kmart, we have tons of stilts and juggling accessories to choose from, in addition to other skill-based toys such as pogo sticks and kites.

      Juggling is a fun activity your children will love to learn and show off to family and friends. And the great thing about juggling is adults will want to try it too! Put on a family circus, or a holiday show for the guests. We have a great selection of different juggling accessories, such as rings, sticks, balls and clubs. Kids can practice their juggling skills with Whiffle balls, or try their luck with Lunastix Juggling Sticks, which has sets for both kids and adults. We have juggling club sets that come with an instructional CD-ROM so your whole family will be juggling in no time. Use one of our bubble makers to liven up the juggling show in the yard.

      For generations, children have been using homemade stilts to mimic their favorite professional performers at circuses and carnivals. At Kmart, we have a variety of stilts your kids can use for their very own circus show, or simply to use to practice their balance and agility. We carry tons of different hand-held stilts that come in different sizes and styles for your children. The stilts we sell are easy and safe for children to use. They'll love to walk around above the crowd, and be taller than adults. Adults can also have a blast using stilts, especially because it's such a challenging activity.

      Walking on stilts, hopping on hoppers, bouncing on pogo sticks and juggling are fun activities for the whole family, and perfect for parties and group events. Throw a fun bounce party with these fun toys and mini trampolines, inflatables or even a full size trampoline. Both kids and adults will appreciate the joy and laughter that comes with these timeless toys and games.

      At Kmart, we want to make sure you and your family makes the most of time spent outdoors. Whether you're looking for cool activities like stilts, or if you're looking for a fun backyard activity to do when the weather gets warm, we have everything you need to make a fun choice.

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