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      Fly through the air with a swing set

      There's nothing more thrilling for young kids than an exhilarating ride on the swings at the park. With Kmart's selection of swing sets and outdoor playsets, you can bring that fun into your own yard. Our selection of swing sets will ensure you will be able to find something that works for your yard and your budget. We carry a wide assortment of playhouses, swing sets, outdoor toys and all the accessories required for their assembly. Browse the collection and choose the equipment that will help your children be the active kids you want them to be.

      At Kmart, we have tons different swing sets to choose from. We carry smaller, simpler sets with just a few swing stations, as well as larger sets. Adventure Play makes a set that nine can play on at once, so your kids won't have to fight or take turns with others in the neighborhood. The sturdy six-leg structure is coated so the weather doesn't erode it. Our sets, whether they have two stations or 10, have plenty of room and stability for swinging, gliding and sliding.

      With a little imagination, a backyard playset can become whatever a kid wants it to be. Flying through the air on a swing, your kids will love imagining themselves as cowboys taming wild horses, or pilots flying fighter jets. A playset with a climbing net can become the rigging of a pirate ship on the high seas, while a ladder and lookout platform makes a great fort for having a war with Nerf toys. The possibilities for imagination are endless when you've got a swing set in your backyard.

      In addition to our swing sets, we also carry plenty of individual swings to fit the needs of your children. We have swings for babies, toddlers and special shapes that little ones will love to ride. Check out our high-back swings for infants, our glider swings, our bucket swings and our classic swings. We also have a variety of wood, plastic and metal swings, so you can choose the one that fits best with your set and for your children. We also carry an assortment of patio swings and porch swings to choose from, so both adults and children can enjoy swinging.

      If you're looking for more than just swings, check out our selection of full playsets. Our playsets typically include places for two or more swings, a glider swing, monkey bars, a covered playhouse and a slide. We carry tons of different brands and sizes, so you can choose the set that will fit best in your yard. Choose a wooden set or a weather-resistant metal set, depending on what works best for your budget and your yard. Once you get your playset set up, have your children invite their friends and let the fun begin. Complement your swing set by checking out our selection of other yard toys, such as trampolines. You can even order special playsets that come with a trampoline attached.

      For outdoor fun, Kmart offers more than just playsets. In addition to swing sets, playsets, you'll also find outdoor toys like Fisher Price Power Wheels that will keep your children occupied for hours. If your kids are into climbing on playsets and jumping on trampolines, they'll probably also love walking on stilts. When you shop at Kmart, you'll always have the best outdoor toys and equipment for your family.

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