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      Toy furniture is the perfect size for your kids

      It's always important to make sure your backyard feels like your home too. As you're finding that perfect patio set for the adults of the house, why not consider adding a miniature version as well? When you add colorful, comfortable chairs, picnic tables or chair sets that are just the right size for your little ones, your children will want to spend more time there. When there's adult yard furniture, why not have toy furniture for your children to play with and enjoy? At Kmart, we have a huge selection of plastic and wood furniture that's perfect for your children.

      Kids will love mimicking their parents in style with our Disney, Spider-Man and SpongeBob character furniture. Check out our selection of mini patio chairs and camp chairs for children, or our Disney Princess patio furniture set. Kids will also love to flop around in or take a nap in a comfy inflatable chair in the yard, or relax in an Adirondack chair that looks just like mom's. The great thing about toy furniture is it's small enough to move around, so your kids can use their very own furniture both inside and outside.

      At Kmart, we also have tons of full picnic tables and patio sets for children, so they can enjoy a picnic lunch or talking amongst themselves at their own table. Children will love the chance to have their own table at the neighborhood block party, barbecue cookout or family reunion. Little Tikes makes tons of different outdoor tables for children, including picnic tables and patio sets. We also carry patio sets that come with large umbrellas that will shade your little ones from the harsh sun. We carry name brands like Little Tikes, Step 2 and Gorilla that will ensure time spent outdoors is comfortable for your whole family. Use a picnic table or patio table to set up games and puzzles both inside and out. Children will also love to spend time hanging out on a patio swing with their friends. At Kmart, we have tons of standalone swings as well as swings you can hang from your home or porch.

      When you need storage for your kids' toys, consider some of our outdoor toy chests. Little Tikes makes a variety of plastic indoor and outdoor toy chests, and we also carry wooden chests that double as benches. These are perfect to tuck all manner of outdoor toys in, from baseball gloves to kites, and it doubles as a way to take turns. The next person in line for the swing or the trampoline has to wait patiently on the bench. That way you can keep everyone in order with no arguments over whose turn it is, and no one will get dangerously close while waiting.

      So if you're looking for cute patio furniture that looks great in your yard and that your children will love, look no further than Kmart's collection. We have tons of stuff for children of all ages, in all different colors and styles. Our selection is sure to match your needs, yard and budget.

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