Bubbles & Bubble Makers

      With all of the new technology and toys keeping kids inside, it can be difficult to find a backyard game they'll enjoy. If you need inspiration on how to get your kids outside and moving, look no further than your own childhood. Young children still love to run around the backyard chasing, blowing and popping bubbles. Look at the Bubble Jar and the Little Kids Fubbles Bubble Fan to make bubble-blowing more exciting. With bubble machines such as the Little Kids No Spill Bubble Machine or the Gazillion Bubble Machine, you can create more bubbles and more fun for your kids.

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      Bubbles will keep young children entranced

      Children have long been blowing bubbles on their front steps with their siblings, parents and neighbors. Little children love watching sudsy, shiny bubbles of all different sizes floating through the air after they blow them. Bubbles and bubble makers are toys no child should be without! Bubbles are a great, inexpensive way to keep your children calm and occupied. Children can even learn patience by blowing bubbles because they may not always work on the first try. Blowing bubbles are a great way to spend quality time with your children. At Kmart, we offer a variety of traditional bubbles, as well as fun bubble makers your kids will love.

      Children love to bask and jump around in tons of bubbles when produced by a bubble maker. The Fisher Price Double Bubble Mower is a miniature lawn mower that comes with all the bells and whistles, and it also makes bubbles! Kids will love to push the lawnmower and hear the life-like sounds it makes. It houses a dispenser for a big bottle of bubble soap, so your child can play in a wonderland of bubbles as he or she pushes the lawn mower. Kids will love pretending to their share of yard work with a beautiful trail of bubbles. The lawn mower is gentle on carpet and flooring, and it can be used indoors or out.

      Dazzle your children with the Gazillion Bubble Machine, which will give toddlers and young children hours of amusement with non-stop bubble making. The rotating bubble wants continue to blow bubbles of all shapes and sizes, so you never know what's going to come out next! We also carry the Air Bubbler, a battery powered bubble blowing machine that lets you aim for where you want your bubbles to come out. Grab a water blaster to use the bubbles as target practice! We also carry bubble fans, no-spill bubble machines and traditional bubbles in a jar.

      Bubbles aren't the only fun outdoor toys your children will love. At Kmart, we have tons of toys your kids can enjoy outside in nice weather. Kids will love playing with beach toys that will let them mold sand at the beach or in the sandbox into cool shapes and castles. They'll love digging with shovels, sifters and other sand tools that will keep them occupied for hours. Kids also love to sneak up on each other (or you!) with blasters that shoot water, foam darts and soft balls. Get your family together for blaster wars in the house, around the yard or in the neighborhood. If you have a pool or want to keep your children cool while they play outdoors, our selection of water toys is unmatched. We have plenty of pool toys, water activities such as backyard slides and more. Look no further for your collection of fun, outdoor toys that will keep your children entertained year-round.

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