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      Water, foam blasters create wild fun for children and adults

      Both children and adults love to squirt each other with water, especially as a way to stay cool in hot weather. At Kmart, we offer a selection of blasters and foam toys that your whole family will love. Create teams and have water wars, or sneak up on unsuspecting friends and neighbors and blast them. Water blasters are a great way to keep your children occupied, or bring your family together for an afternoon of fun.

      We also have blasters that shoot foam ammo, just in case your children want to play indoors, or when it's too cold outside for water. We also have a variety of different kinds of soft, foam balls that can be used to blast people in the water or to toss back and forth without getting hurt. We carry popular brands such as Nerf, Hasbro, Mech and Air Blaster. So whether you're looking for the latest Water Warriors squirt gun, or the Nerf Dart Tag 16 Blaster, we have everything you need to make sure your children will have fun with their blasters and foam toys.

      At Kmart, we have a variety of blasters that shoot foam ammo, including darts and balls, that kids love to play with. We have blasters in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Kids love to have multiple blasters with stashed ammo so they can be ready for attacks from their friends. The Retaliator Blaster can be built in four configurations, and fires darts up to 75 feet. The Mech Tomy 20 & Belt Blaster has an automatic belt advance for rapid-fire with a dart belt that will hold 30 darts and shells. We also sell blasters that shoot balls instead of darts, such as the Hasbro Koosh Galexy Space Agent Ball Launcher and the Arcade Alley Ball Blaster. So regardless of the style or size blaster you need, our selection is sure to keep your children happy.

      We also have tons of water guns and blasters to choose from, depending on whether you want your victims to get a little wet or totally soaked! Nerf guns like the Lightningstorm, Thunderstorm and Microburst let your kids dominate every play fight. Pump up a large supply of water with the Hasbro Super Soaker Quick Blast, or the Buzz Bee Steady Stream 2 Water Gun. Soft toys and balls, especially when played with in the water as beach toys, are a great way to have fun and prevent injury. Nerf makes a variety of toys, including footballs, soccer balls, mini sports balls, bounce balls and more that can be used for backyard fun.

      During nice weather, children of all ages love to play on swing sets. At Kmart, we have tons of different swing sets you can choose from fit the ages of your children and the size of your yard. If you're looking for something small for young children that can be moved inside, or a more permanent structure that can hold more weight, look no further. We also have great patio swings that are great for reading, relaxing or spending time with family and friends.

      Here you'll find more than just foam and water guns. For a total outdoor fun experience, bring home an inflatable pool or driveable mini cars from our Power Wheels toys collection. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, grab a blaster or foam toy, herd the kids into the backyard and have a family water war. Taking time to play as a family will turn a regular Saturday into a weekday to remember.

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