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      Musical Instruments & Toys

      Musical instrument toys engage, entertain children

      Music is a great way to engage your children in culture and history. Children who are exposed to and play music at a young age tend to do better in school. Music is also a great way to engage your children and give them something fun, constructive and entertaining to do. At Kmart, we have a great variety of musical instrument toys that your children will love. We carry plenty of toys for children of all ages, whether it's for a toddler who wants to bang on some pretend drums, or a teenager who wants to try his or her hand a real acoustic guitar.

      Kmart has plenty of starter pianos, keyboards and guitars that your little one can practice on. For toddlers, we have brightly colored models with oversized keyboards that play acoustic chimes. Your little one will love hearing different sounds and songs when they start to press buttons on the keyboard. We also carry guitars that play tunes, some that come with microphones so they can sing along to their favorite songs while they play. We also have realistic keyboards and mini versions of grand pianos with fewer keys to simplify the learning experience. For babies, we even have toys like the Little Tikes Baby Tap-A-Tune Piano and the Laugh and Learn Puppy's Piano. We also have specific boys and girls toy musical instruments that come in different colors and gender themes.

      For children who actually want to learn how to play an instrument, we have plenty of inexpensive options to get them started. Perfect for giving kids a taste of what playing a musical instrument is like, we have mini versions as well as full-sized options for those ready to graduate to the big leagues. Some of our acoustic guitars are smaller, so little hands can grip them better, and some of our keyboards come with a limited number of keys to simplify the learning experience. For the sophisticated junior musician, we have full electric keyboards with recording and playback options, as well as full-sized acoustic guitars and more.

      At Kmart, we also carry a wide selection of karaoke machines and accessories such as microphones that both children and adults love to use. Whether you're looking for a real karaoke machine to plus into your TV, or a toy that plays music so your little one can sing along, Kmart has it all. We also have tons of microphones that plug right into your CD or MP3 player, so kids can sing along to their favorite songs without needing a TV or the lyrics. We also have great karaoke players and karaoke CDs so you can sing along to words you might not know. Find complex songs to turn a night of karaoke into a brain teaser.

      Musical instrument toys can be learning tools as well as fun toys for children; it engages a child's brain like a puzzle, finding the right combinations to get the proper results. So whether you're looking for a musical instrument that will help get your child started playing or a musical toy that will help your little one learn, shop at Kmart for the best variety and selection.