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      Learning to play an instrument can be rewarding for a child at any age. Encourage a desire to learn how to play real instruments with musical toy instruments such as guitars or toy wind instruments. Your child will love to learn to create music on instruments such as the harmonica or recorder. If your child isn't old enough for these, maybe a saxophone to play pretend with might be more appropriate. Playing musical toy instruments can allow children to express their creativity while still learning from the experience as well. Start your child's love of self-expression through music today.

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      Encourage your child's self-expression though toy wind and brass instruments

      If you're looking for a great way to get your little one into playing music, Kmart has a wide selection of toy and real musical instruments for children of all ages. Get your little one ready to play in the school marching band or jazz band with our toy wind or brass instruments. We have toys for toddler and preschool-aged children, as well as starter instruments that are perfect for giving your child a taste of what it's like to play. Help your children develop an ear for music while enjoying themselves at the same time. Your kids will love the opportunity to pair up with their friends and practice playing their real musical instruments.

      Little kids love the stimulation that comes from the sound of music, especially when it comes from a fun, colorful toy they're playing with. At Kmart, we have tons of toy brass instruments and wind instruments that your little one will love to play and learn on. The Just Kidz Triple Sounds Saxophone has eight pre-programmed melodies and three activity modes. Kids can play their own melody, or listen to the melody being played so they can learn. The saxophone also has flashing lights, as well as three different saxophone sounds. Pick up a play piano and percussion toys, and you'll have your own miniature band in no time.

      We also carry real instruments at low prices that will give your child the perfect opportunity to learn what it's like to play a music instrument before you commit to costly, high-quality instruments and lessons. We also have instruments with accessories that will help your child learn how to play songs and read music. The First Act Discovery Learn and Play Recorder will have your child playing music in no time. The tunable recorder comes with instructional books that show your child how to play 15 well-known songs. Your kids will learn notes and rhythms while also learning to appreciate music. First Act Discovery also makes instrument set with more advanced books, as well as some with other instruments, such as the harmonica.

      If your little one is looking to start a band with his or her friends, check out Kmart's selection of inexpensive pianos and guitars that will get your child started playing the instrument. We have toy pianos with different amounts of keys for optimal learning, as well as toy guitars that fit better in smaller hands. We also carry fun, educational toy pianos and toy guitars for your kids. Some of our guitars even come with microphones, so your son or daughter can put on a show for their friends and family.

      At Kmart, we have the best variety and selection of toy musical instruments for your kids. At a young age, music creates the platform for language, creativity and listening, so make sure your child has plenty of musical instrument toys to choose from by shopping at Kmart.


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