From a young age, kids are drawn to percussion. Even the youngest children will dig out pots and pans or bang books on cardboard boxes instead. Find lots of popular toys here at Kmart to help your little ones engage their sense of rhythm. Start out with tin drums, metal xylophones, electronic drum sets and tambourines to help develop musicality and coordination. Later, consider getting one of our junior drum sets if you have the patience for it. Don't forget a soundproof room to keep it in!

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      Feel the beat with percussion toys

      Let your little one develop his or her rhythm with Kmart's selection of affordable percussion toys. Introducing your kids to musical instruments at a young age will help them develop motor skills, as well as a love for music. At Kmart, we have a huge selection of percussion instruments, including snare drums, xylophones, tambourines and more. Encourage your kids to play along on the drums and keyboard as the singer in your family belts away on your karaoke machine.

      Toddlers and preschool-aged children love to make noise. If your child loves to clang and bang pots and pans, consider getting him or her a percussion toy specially designed for kids that will encourage hand-eye coordination and foster musical creativity. At Kmart, we have a great variety of musical toys from brands like Just Kidz, Little Tikes and Discoveroo. Beyond 123 makes a musical bells set that's perfect for children who want to experiment with music. They can simply tap on the wooden top knobs to create enchanting tones. The colored bells, each of which that represents one of eight notes on the major scale, make it easy for children to follow songs or create their own. We also have plenty of cool and colorful xylophones your kids will love to play.

      For kids who are a little bit older, but might not be ready for a toy wind instrument, we have plenty of cool drum sets that will let your kids get a taste of what it's like to play. Electronic drum sets are perfect for getting kids started playing, but they're not as loud as real drums. You won't need a basement or a garage for your kids to practice on electric drums. The Just Kidz Electronic Drum Set has percussion, acoustic and electric drum sound options. The First Act Discovery Electronic Table Top Drum will satisfy your kid's urge to play drums without the hassle and bulk of a real drum set.

      At Kmart, we also have tons of real drum sets for kids that have a passion for playing. Most young musicians love to start a band with their friends, and Kmart has all your need to do that affordably. We carry drum sets with as many as five pieces, which is a full set, and as few as one. Junior three-piece drum sets are perfect for those who are interested in learning how to play, but might not be ready for a full set. We also have snare drums, tom drums, tunable marching band drums, tambourines and more.

      When it's time to bring your home alive with music, shop at Kmart for affordable drum sets your kids will love. Why would you go anywhere else?

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