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Musical toys are fun for kids of all ages

Kids often dream of growing up and being famous musicians, singers and band members. At Kmart, we have hundreds of musical toys that your little ones will love to play with while they pretend to be their favorite singers and performers. We have all the toys and accessories your son or daughter will need to put on a great show for friends and family members. Musical toys are a great way to expose your children to playing music, and they're a great way to keep your kids entertained and engaged. Learning how to play a musical instrument can also boost a child's math and education aptitude.

At Kmart, we have a great selection of toys for little kids that play tunes and allow your child to get a taste of playing music. Toy keyboards are designed to fit the needs of growing children. Most toy keyboards and pianos have a small number of keys that can be used to teach children music basics, such as notes and scales. Many of our beginner toy instruments are also sturdy enough to withstand small children who may want to pound on it. More advanced musical toys allow kids to get a taste of recording their own compositions. They can also practice recording songs so they can go back and listen, or have others critique them.

For younger kids, Kmart also has plenty of musical instrument toys and toys that play songs. We carry brands like Laugh and Learn, Little Tikes and Kidz Bop that design toys that will engage kids and keep them entertained while they play. Just Kidz makes tons of gender-themed guitars that play music and come with microphones so your little one can sing along. Toys like the Sesame Street Let's Rock guitar and the Barbie Jam With Me Rock Star Guitar are perfect for preschool-aged children who want to sing the songs alongside their favorite characters. Playskool, Little Tikes and LeapFrog make educational musical instruments that babies and toddlers can play and learn with at the same time. In addition to guitars, drum and keyboards, Kmart even has a great selection of toy brass instruments for your little one who wants to be a trumpeter, just like dad.

In addition to toy musical instruments, we carry all the accessories your kids would need to put on a great musical performance. Karaoke machines, whether they're specialized child-friendly versions or real full-blast karaoke machines, are a great way for kids and adults to express themselves. We also have toy microphones and real microphones that can be plugged into toys and speakers to sing along with. Just be sure to stock up on batteries so your microphone will never go dead in the middle of that rockin' solo.

So if you're looking for the best selection of musical instrument toys for kids of all ages, shop at Kmart for your entire musical needs. We have everything you need at a price that you'll flip for.


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