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      Start your budding musician off with a piano

      Watching your child go from banging on a toy keyboard as a toddler to playing beautiful music on a piano a few years later is a wonderful feeling. At Kmart, we have a great selection of pianos and keyboards for children of all ages. We carry a great selection of colorful, fun toy pianos that will help your little one learn, as well as plenty of keyboards and pianos that your kids can learn to play music on. Our toy keyboards are designed to fit the needs of growing children. Beginners instruments have a small number of keys, so your kids can learn basic notes and scales. We also have toys for toddlers that play music and entertain your little one with the colors and sounds. So no matter what kind of piano or instrument you're looking for, Kmart has a great selection of affordable ones.

      Toddlers and preschool-aged children love to play with toys that stimulate their senses. Finding the perfect toy keyboard for your little one is easy with Kmart's huge selection and low prices. We have pianos for babies, like our Little Tikes Baby Tap-A-Tune, as well as keyboard for little girls and boys, like the Kidz Bop Glammerati Pop Star Keyboard and the Winfun Keyboard Rock Star Set. Laugh and Learn, Winfun and LeapFrog also make great educational keyboards that will keep your little one having fun and learning at the same time.

      We also have a great selection of mini pianos, so your kids can get a more realistic experience at a young age. With our pianos and keyboards, kids can easily transition into full-sized instruments when they get older. We carry smaller pianos with different numbers of keys that will fit your child perfectly, depending on their age and ability level. Choose from 18, 25, 30 or 37 keys. You can choose a piano with an animal on the side, or an elegant wooden, black or white one that will fit in with your home. Have multiple children? Have them jam, with one on a piano, while other are on toy drums, toy harmonicas and toy guitars. Make them feel like a real band by hooking up a karaoke music player, hitting play and letting them play along with their favorite musicians.

      When your child decides to play a musical instrument, it's usually not cheap. But at Kmart, you can choose from a variety of quality instruments that will allow your kids to play instruments. And when they grow out of the smaller instruments or move on to more advanced one, pass it along to your next child, family member or friend. Our products are high quality, so you don't have to worry about replacing them every few months.

      Whether you're looking for a toy drum set for your toddler or a mini grand piano for your son or daughter, Kmart has the best selection of toy instruments for kids of all ages. Don't worry about paying high prices for instruments at a music shop. Shop at Kmart for the best value when it comes to toys and real instruments.

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