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      Let your little one dabble in music with guitars

      According to studies, children who can play and read music often do better in school. Playing an instrument is a great way for young kids to exercise their mind and get their creative juices flowing while enjoying themselves at the same time. At Kmart, we have a selection of toy guitars, starter guitars for young people and other musical products that will give kids of all ages musical inspiration. Whether you're looking for a pretend instrument for your budding toddler to play, or a first guitar for your preteen looking to get started with an instrument, Kmart has the variety and selection you need to feed your child's musical hunger.

      Musical toys are a great way to get toddlers and preschool-aged children interested in music. Exposing children to toys that play music and simulate real instruments will help them develop their motor skills and listening skills. At Kmart, our selection of toy guitars and toy drums will have your little one bopping their head to the rhythm of the music. Choose from tons of toy instruments that will allow your little one to play on his or her own, as well as hear full songs the instrument plays. Playskool, LeapFrog and Just Kidz makes a variety of pretend acoustic and electric guitars, some that come with microphones, that will let your little star have his or her own show. Some of our guitars also help your child learn with colors and sound.

      If you're son or daughter has an interest in playing a music instrument, Kmart has a selection of inexpensive acoustic guitars that will give them a taste of what it's like to play and instrument before you go and spend a fortune on an instrument from a music store. Synsonics makes a standard-sized acoustic guitar that comes in fun pastel colors. The guitar comes with all the essentials for a beginner guitar player, including strings. The thinner neck also helps smaller hands for easier playability. Choose the perfect starter guitar from Kmart for your young musician, so he or she will know if they want to continue with the instrument when they get older.

      Music is the perfect way to help your children learn while still staying entertained. Kids will love to put on shows for families and friends at holidays and other special gatherings. We also have a variety of karaoke music players for the singers in your family. Children and adults alike will go wild singing their favorite songs with a real microphone. So whether you're looking for a toy instrument, a real instrument or a fun activity that will allow everyone in your house to sign at their leisure, shop at Kmart for all your musical needs.

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