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      Foster child development with electronic learning systems from Kmart

      Whether your child is still an adventurous toddler or in preschool, kindergarten or grade school, there are learning platforms, electronic toys and educational software for kids of all ages. Learning platforms target developmental skills such as problem solving, creativity, reading, music, vocabulary and social skills.

      Technology is fascinating for youngsters, which is why kids often want to borrow a parent's tablet or smartphone. Today's virtual learning systems are created to look and feel just like adult electronics. Kmart kids' tablets and handheld learning devices from brands like Leapfrog will surely make it to the top of your son or daughter's wish list. Choose a tablet with a large touchscreen that can play video, music and even and double as an e-reader.

      Some tablets come preloaded with more than 60 educational games, and some are connected to an app store where you can purchase and download various interactive games and entertainment. Get apps that teach popular school subjects like reading, math, social studies and science, so you can encourage your school-aged kids to surf a few of their favorite apps on nights when you don't want them sitting on the couch mindlessly watching television. Electronic learning systems and kids' tablets come in different colors and sizes. Pick up a tablet in your child's favorite color, and choose between systems small enough to fit in a pocket or large systems that can be carried in a case or backpack.

      Your littlest ones might not be ready for an advanced device with a touchscreen and apps, but you can find age-appropriate systems that encourage making simple connections between sight and sound. Choose an electronic system with buttons that light up in different colors to teach letters, shapes and corresponding objects. Have your child giggling with delight with a talking electronic robot that can sing, dance, count and react to your child's responses. No matter how old your kids are, Kmart carries learning systems with multiple functions, so you can bring their tablet or educational laptop along on your family road trip and keep the kiddos entertained for hours.

      Give the gift that keeps on giving with an electronic learning system that stimulates child development for kids of all ages. Whether you want to target specific skills like problem solving or simple counting, Kmart carries kids' tablets and educational software at amazing prices.

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