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      Sports games are classic, fun ways to stay entertained

      For generations, sports have been an integral part of everyday life, whether it's for entertainment, recreation or exercise. Children and adults of all ages love playing sports games, whether it's a typical sport like basketball or baseball, or an indoor game like air hockey. You'll find a variety of different sports games that will satisfy just about anyone. With options like sports games for little kids, indoor games, outdoor games and board games, you can easily choose your own activity level. If you're looking for the perfect gift to keep your husband and his buddies entertained on a Friday night, or if you're looking for a fun, healthy activity that will keep your kids moving outside, look no further than Kmart.

      Outdoor sports games are a great way to keep guests entertained at picnics, block parties and other outdoor social gatherings. There's nothing like good, old backyard fun when the weather is nice. Nerf guns and other Nerf toys are perfect for family and kids of all ages, as the specially designed foam materials are much safer for play with little ones. For more athletic types and older kids, you can find badminton sets, bags and other fun outdoor games that will keep them active for hours.

      At Kmart, we also have sports games that are suitable for younger children. If your little one loves rolling around the neighborhood in her girls' Power Wheels car because it's pink, you can find active toys and games from Franklin Sports that come in her favorite shade, so she can participate in the games as well. For the aspiring athletes, brands like Little Tikes and Just Kidz make junior basketball nets for your little ones that can't reach the real hoop, as well as easy score soccer nets made special for young athletes. Cool games will keep your kids and the neighbors entertained for hours.

      If you want to keep busy playing sports games on rainy days, or days when you'd rather play a quiet game inside, check out our selection of indoor sports games. Little boys will love pretending to be wrestlers with WWE boys toys. If you're looking for a fun addition to your home that will keep your entire family entertained, consider a pool table, air hockey table or foosball table. At Kmart, we have a variety of brands and styles in different price ranges. Choose a nice wooden pool table that will also serve as a piece of furniture, or get a plastic air hockey table that will keep the boys playing in the basement for hours. We also carry tons of sports board games, including electronic football and baseball.

      Whether you're an avid sports fan or someone who just likes to have a little fun in the backyard with friends, Kmart has everything you need to choose the right sports game. We carry tons of brands and styles of both indoor and outdoor games, as we as sports games for kids.

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