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Floor games keep the family moving, rain or shine

Family game night is always an adventure, but your kids may not always want to sit still at the kitchen table for hours on end. Luckily, there are many family toys and games that can keep you up and active. Floor games are among the most fun activities for family game night. You can utilize all the space in your living room and get the couch potatoes off of the couch. Plus, when the weather is nice many of these games transition well to outdoor activities. You can use them as family game night fun, or you can opt to play floor games as party games for the next birthday gathering.

Large floor games are a good place to start when you want to play with multiple people. The most popular large floor game is Twister. With multicolored spots and a fun spinner, game players are asked to place hands and feet in almost impossible configurations. This is a game that gets everyone up close and personal, so knowing a bit of yoga could come to your advantage. If a little more personal space sounds like it might be refreshing, a good indoor game of hopscotch can be a winner. You can buy hopscotch sets or outline the blocks on your carpet with washi tape. Then, you all can competitively hop away through. Animal dolls and favorite stuffed friends can block off squares to make the game more challenging, or you can just burn off a few calories hopping them without any surprises.

For an inexpensive alternative to going out, try floor bowling at home. You can opt for serious, realistic-looking sets that give you the experience of bowling at the lanes, or you can choose to purchase something fun and silly for the littler members of the family. Opt for a monster bowling set with pins that feature bright colors, silly faces and large tufts of colorful hair. Or, choose a themed floor bowling set that features favorite characters and logos from familiar television shows and movies. Floor bowling games get the whole family up and moving with easy and exciting game play.

Small children can get involved in the family fun with floor games that appeal to even the tiniest tots. Pass around a hot potato and "get burned" when the music stops in your hands. You can pass around any household object, but why not by a hot potato game that takes mom away from the stereo and gets your daughter or son right into the action. Try a hot potato game with lights and sound that offers several different modes of game play. For something a little less frenetic, play a memory game on the living room floor. Memory games can be as simple as a few cards thrown on the floor for your toddler to recall, and can become as complicated as an entire roomful of challenging memory cards.

Kmart has games that will keep your family laughing and competing all through game night. Whether you're looking for big, complex floor games or a good old night of board games, trust in Kmart to get you gaming.


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