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      Liven the atmosphere with party games for any gathering

      Whether it's a low-key dinner party or a wild birthday party with your rowdiest friends, nothing gets the fun started better than some great party games. Whether you have assembled as a close-knit group of friends or you are all getting together for the first time, the right games can help break the ice and get the conversation flowing. Plus, they create memories that will last a lifetime. Most party games are toys for 12+ years old, because they will take a certain amount of skill to play. There are plenty of fun games out there for the younger partiers in dress up clothes, but party games for young adults and adults center around fun activities and games that really get the laughter going.

      Card games are an easily portable option that everyone can play. A traditional card deck is great for playing everything from Go Fish to Poker to Euchre. These games allow the conversation to flow, while giving fidgety guests something to do with their hands. Of course, many card games go beyond the old spades and hearts to provide a truly unique experience. Apples to Apples is a great party games that lets your guests inject a little humor and fun into the atmosphere. For a laid back evening, cerebral card games like Would You Rather allow guests to think about improbable situations. For the group who likes to play games and then party hard, a set of dominoes can do double duty. Start out the evening playing Mexican train, then finish off by making a grand domino line all through the house.

      For the guests who can't sit still, you need active games that keep everyone up and moving or at least on the edge of their seats. Pictionary is a game that is perfect for the people in your family who can't draw, because it makes things really exciting when no one can guess the answer. Likewise, Guesstures is the perfect form of charades, with topics anyone can master. For physical games, introduce a round of Twister on the living room floor. Your guests will be so twisted up in knots that they can't help but have fun. Minute To Win It games are a great way to test some unusual skills that your guests might have and make everyone else look a little silly in the process. Some people prefer to use the power of words to keep the action going, and games like Catch Phrase or Taboo pit players on a race against time to elicit responses from other guests without using forbidden words.

      In a sea of board games, you might not think that video gaming consoles have any place at parties. Motion sensor technology has changed that attitude since consoles can now offer games that allow players to dance, swing and kick their way to a championship without ever having to worry about the weather outside or getting a serious sports injury. The Xbox Kinect, PlayStation Move and Wii all offer a variety of games that get your gusts up and moving in friendly competition. With real-life movements, these games are a fun and modern twist on traditional party games.

      Whether you need games to play around the card table, or something that will get guests up and moving all over your living room, Kmart has the right party games for you. Come check out an awesome variety of card games, board games, active games, floor games and video games that everyone in your party will enjoy. We have all your party needs at a price you can't refuse.

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