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      Keep playing your favorite games with extra dice

      There's nothing more disappointing than setting up a board game with your family or friends and discovering that you're missing an integral piece: dice. It's impossible to play many games without dice, which is why Kmart sells plenty of extra dice so you don't have to buy a whole new game in these situations. At Kmart, we have tons of different dice sets you can buy, as well as dice games, dice accessories and dice decorations for your home if you simply think they're cool.

      If you play a lot of board games or have a lot of board games, it's important to keep backup dice on hand, much like you'd keep extra batteries in your cupboard. Keeping extra general purpose batteries can help in situations where you might not need them, but it's convenient to have them. The same goes for spare dice and game pieces. At Kmart, we have plenty of inexpensive, spare dice sets that will ensure you'll never be interrupted when playing a board game because the dog ate your dice. Having spare dice can also be convenient if you're trying to decide who goes first, or who has to do the dishes. Keeping a handful of extra pieces on hand is a smart move, and Kmart's low prices make it even smarter.

      For those who are into casino games and card game sets, we carry professional dice sets as well as casino games that require dice. Our professional dice sets are serialized for authenticity and are manufactured under strict security control. We also have craps sets, poker sets, poker chips and other casino games that you'll love to play at home with your pals. We have cool dice decorations, including a dice puzzle you can frame and professional poker figurines that will jazz up your casino-themed game room.

      At Kmart, we also carry other dice games and dice accessories. Check out our selection of vinyl dice cups to go with our selection of dice games. Yahtzee, The Dice Game, Backgammon and Farkle are just a few of the dice games we have to choose from at Kmart. We also have other traditional games that require dice, including Monopoly and Boggle. With our selection of low-priced dice games and extra dice, you can't go wrong shopping at Kmart for your game needs.

      So whether you're looking for a fun or professional casino game, or a dice decoration that will spice up your living room, Kmart has tons of different dice sets, games and accessories. Choose from tons of different colored dice sets if you're missing pieces from your games. As small as they are, dice often get lost or misplaced. The next time that happens, you'll be glad you stocked up on spare sets of dice from Kmart. Simply store them in an out-of-the-way place so you always know where to find them. You'll never have to deal with an incomplete board game again.

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