Rag & Soft Dolls

      Rag dolls may have been made from your grandmother's crafting cast-offs before, but now you can buy fun and engaging cloth dolls that let your child snuggle with soft creations from many famous doll makers. Start with a softie doll for your baby, then graduate to a cloth baby doll that is perfect for snuggling and carrying around wherever you go. Rag dolls are fun and colorful toys that quickly become an essential member of the family. Kmart has a wide variety of cloth dolls made from a great selection of materials so that you can find the perfect snuggly friend for your little one.

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      Rag dolls are traditional toys children love

      Children love to be affectionate with stuffed animals, baby dolls and other pretend companions. Rag dolls are one of the most ancient children's toys in existence. For centuries, these soft toys have been companions for children all over the world. Even with all of today's electronic toys and gadgets, a simple rag doll can be the perfect gift to brighten your child's day. Kids will love to have a snuggly friend they can sleep with at night, or bring along when going to the store with mommy or daddy. Kmart offers a selection of rag dolls to choose from, whether you're looking for one to give your own son or daughters, or one to give as a gift.

      Kmart has rag dolls and soft dolls that will make your children happy to have a new companion. The brand Aisha & Co. makes dolls in the Ishababies family that your son or daughter will love. These dolls are inspired by the different scents and foods, including the ChocoChip Boy, the Coco Boy, the Poppy Boy and the Turbinado Boy. The 10-inch dolls feature 100 percent cotton designs with a super soft exterior that makes them comfy to hold and fun to play with. Children love to collect the soft dolls. We also offer Graco Hasbro Baby Alive soft dolls that come with accessories that your little girl will love. The Baby Alive Dressed for School doll really drinks and wets, so your little one can feel like a real mommy. She also comes with multiple outfits. The Baby Alive Beautiful Now baby doll comes with toy scissors to "cut"her hair and barrettes to style it. Little girls love playing with dolls they can take care of, especially when they're soft and lovable like Ishababies and Baby Alive dolls.

      Young girls will also love dressing up with medical dress up clothes and military dress up clothes as they pretend to be mommies with jobs when they play with their rag dolls or baby dolls. Role-playing "house" with dolls will let young boys and girl experience what it's like to run a household. They love to pretend to have jobs, go to the store, go to the bank and tuck their babies into their dollhouse at the end of the night. Kmart offers all the toys and accessories you need to make sure your child has an authentic experience when they play house with their siblings and friends. Interactive dolls take that experience to the next step by allowing children to explore what it's like to take care of a doll that does things on its own.

      Whether you're looking for a soft plush rag doll for your child to love, or accessories that will help them have an authentic pretend parent experience, Kmart has all the toys and accessories your child would need.

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