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      Interactive toy dolls bring the playroom to life

      It used to be that your child's toys would come to life only in their imaginations. While imagination is certainly a good thing, it can sometimes be fun to see those toys actually spring to life and interact with your children. Interactive toy dolls are a great gift for any young child who wants to interact with her world and learn new things alongside her toys. Interactive dolls can be as simple as Barbie toys that allow your children to do more than simply change a set of dress up clothes. For example, there are many dolls out there that are designed to teach fine motor skills like buttoning a button, tying a shoelace and zipping up a zipper. While low-tech, these interactive dolls are great for helping your child interact with his toys and learn new skills.

      Many interactive toy dolls, such as Tickle Me Elmo, have quickly become collectible dolls due to their huge popularity and unique features. What child doesn't love to be tickled? Now your kid can share that fun with a favorite Sesame Street Elmo toys. Of course, the fun doesn't just stop with Elmo. You can buy a variety of interactive Sesame Street dolls that are just for fun or help with learning new skills. Depending on the type of doll, you may even be able to get it to say your child's name and sing songs along with her. Disney has gotten into the interactive doll market as well with Mickey Mouse dolls that rock and roll or teach basics such as the alphabet and counting.

      For babies, interactive dolls are a great way to keep the little one's attention while you get dinner made or fold the laundry. Popular learning toy companies like LeapFrog and VTech make interactive stuffed animal dolls that talk to your child, speak her name and ask her to play along with several nursery games. Your child can sing along with the toy or simply listen to the fun rhymes and tunes. Plus, most of these stuffed animals also include lullabies to help your child transition more easily to bedtime.

      For older children, interactive Baby Alive dolls can teach mothering skills and can help them learn how to care for a new sibling or cousin. Some interactive dolls will consume bottles and make real wet diapers. Others can simulate nursing with special flower petal nursing bras that let your child nurse alongside you. For older children, realistic interactive baby dolls help teenagers understand the responsibility and sleeplessness that comes with the duties of raising a child.

      Whether you need a doll that keeps your child busy during chore time, or helps teach your teenager responsibility and life skills, Kmart has what you need. We have interactive toy dolls for tiny tots that teach the babes names, letters and numbers, as well as baby dolls that act like real babies right down to wetting diapers and nursing skills. With dolls like these, your children can have fun playing pretend and learning real-life skills at the same time!

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