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      Keep your children entertained with animal dolls from Kmart

      Most kids love playing with toy animals and toy pets. Whether it's a horse, dinosaur, dog, cat or rabbit, a cute and cuddly stuffed animal can be a constant childhood companion for your little boy or girl. Just as they adore spending time changing and feeding baby dolls, children love the pretend responsibility of caring for an animal doll. The popularity of animal characters in books, TV shows and movies also helps to spur an interest in all kinds of critters, whether it's pets, farm animals or wild animals. At Kmart, you can find a wide selection of animal dolls for children of all ages.

      Hasbro's My Little Pony dolls are a great way to keep your little girl entertained for hours. Kids can collect tons of ponies and baby dolls with colorful bodies, hair and accessories like combs. Dolls from My Little Pony come in different themes. My Little Pony-themed play dates are a great way to let your daughter show off her collection and share accessories and ponies with her friends. They also make great gifts for a friend's birthday.

      Littlest Pet Shop pets are animal figurines that come with a little bungalow, hideaway or tree house. Kids love being able to place their dolls, figurines and puppets inside a dollhouse or other setting when they play. Some of these settings move, such as the spinning flower in the Honey Hideaway Playset, the spinning hamster wheel in the Sweetie mouse Playset and the working swing in the Bamboo Bungalow Playset. Littlest Pet Shop pets also come with a variety of animals, not just your typical dogs and cats. They come with unique critters like zebras, monkeys and mice.

      If you're looking for a toy that looks and feels like a pet for your child who isn't yet ready for the real thing, FurReal Friends are great choice. The FurReal cats and puppies have fur that looks and feels like a real animal. They're also interactive toys, which means they'll act just like the real thing. The puppy will move his head and tail when you put him, giving you the lovable feedback of a dog without any of the chores. Children love to pet, groom and play with toy pets, and treat them like they're real. It's also a great way to prep your children for the responsibilities of a real pet.

      Kids love animals. It's why so many children's movies feature talking animal characters. Give your kids a lovable little animal doll companion to hold and play with. Whether you've got a little girl who wants a pony or a little boy who craves a dog, you're sure to find an adorable animal doll for your child at Kmart.

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