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      Beautiful dollhouses make the perfect dream house for your daughter's dolls

      No matter what kind of dolls your little girl has, there's a world of accessories out there that can help her bring those dolls to life. Dollhouses allow your daughter to put her dolls in a dream home where they can live out their fantasy lives, whether it's in a castle as a princess or in a modern home as a soccer mom. You can find more than just houses, however. From toy cars to strollers to cruise ships and more, you can also help her accessorize her dolls' lives with everything they need.

      When choosing a dollhouse for your little girl, think about the dolls she already has. If she has a lot of Barbies, for example, you might want to get a Barbie playset that's compatible with her existing collection. On the other hand, giving her a new kind of dollhouse will allow her to fill it with new dolls for years to come. Of course you can always mix and match. After all, there's no reason her baby dolls from Disney can't spend a weekend in a Barbie Beach house and vice versa.

      Some fashion dolls come with a pre-made house to make it easy on you when it's time to wrap the presents. On the other hand, you might have more fun building a specialty dollhouse from scratch or from a kit. Kits give you everything you need to build the main structure of the house, while allowing you to add personal touches like unique paint color and floor finishes. This way, you can include your daughter's favorite color and furnish it to look just like her real-life home, with carpet, drapes and more that match the rooms in your house.

      You can find more than just dollhouses. Search for accessories your daughter needs to complete her dolls' lives, like a car to get around. At Kmart you can find minivans, remote-control convertibles and even campers. Maybe your daughter's dolls need a vanity set, salon chair or dining room table to eat their toy food. You can find tables, chairs, beds, lamps and so much more.

      A dollhouse is a classic toy that allows your little girl to explore the household scenarios that are so fascinating to her. They also give her a place to play with her dolls, so they can interact and play out social situations. Dolls and dollhouses aren't just fun; they can provide a great learning experience for your daughter. Start shopping today at Kmart so you can bring home the dollhouse of your little girl's dreams.

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