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      Carry on a beloved tradition with collectible dolls from Kmart

      Some dolls are meant for hours and hours of playtime, while other dolls are so beautiful that they can add a sense of beauty and whimsy to your nursery or bedroom decor. Collectible dolls have delighted and enthralled girls across generations. From models featuring sparkly dresses to themed outfits, fashion dolls make great collector's items. Dolls from famous makers like Madame Alexander and What a Doll Toys always look lovely on a little girl's shelf, while Barbie dolls are a classic options that always make for a delightful gift.

      When it comes to collectible dolls, perhaps nothing is more famous than collectible Barbies. Original Barbies have stood the test of time and remain a great choice for your daughter's doll collection. If you decide to collect Barbies, you can choose from a variety of themed lines. Holiday Barbie is an annual favorite collector's item; this Barbie is always dressed in a sparkly and elegant formal holiday gown. For a more everyday collectible, try a doll from the Barbie Dolls of the World collection. You can even find special Barbies that coincide with the release of famous films and cartoons.

      Other great collectible dolls come from the workshops of Madame Alexander. With friendly faces from some of the most famous children's learning books, these dolls become beloved kids' toys. Of course, the craftsmanship and attention to detail also make them great for collecting. These dolls tend to be plusher than Barbies, making them a little better suited for small children age 3-5. Madame Alexander makes a great companion, whether she's keeping your daughter company at a tea party or helping her play with the building blocks.

      For something a little more unique, check out the WowWee collectible dolls. Their Once Upon a Zombie line includes zombie versions of classic fairytale characters such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid. Their colorful dresses, beautiful hair and mesmerizing eyes make them a beautiful addition to any bedroom, and their haunting looks make them perfect for Halloween. A WowWee doll might just be the perfect gift for a little girl who already has all the dresses, board games and coloring books she needs.

      A doll collection can make a touching and beautiful addition to your home. Your little girl will love these gifts now and will treasure them later, years down the road when she has a daughter of her own. Choose from a variety of brands and styles at Kmart, where we offer a great selection of charming collectible dolls.

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