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      Give your little girl a loving companion with baby dolls from Kmart

      At some point during childhood, every little girl loves to pretend to be a mother to a baby doll. Little girls want to change, feed, take care of and play with dolls as if they were real. Making sure your child has all the baby dolls, clothing and pretend food and bottles to choose from will let her make the most out of this important experience. At Kmart you can find traditional dolls, dolls that have feeding times and dolls that need their diaper changed. We offer more than a hundred different types of baby dolls, as well as plenty of accessories and stuffed animals to go along with them. Your daughter will feel like a grown-up when she's taking care of her favorite doll.

      Finding the right baby doll for your child is important and depends on your child's age and level of interest. Baby Alive dolls are interactive dolls, which means that unlike stuffed animals, they let your child experience real-life movement and understand what a wiggly baby actually feels like. Baby Alive dolls are designed to give the experience of a baby learning to eat, getting dressed for school, experiencing her first haircut or having a birthday party.

      If you're looking for a traditional doll that doesn't move, the La Newborn doll is realistic and resembles an actual newborn baby. Giggles dolls, on the other hand, are fun, soft dolls that are more suited for younger children. You can also find a variety of collectible dolls, such as Alexander Doll Company dolls, for slightly older girls who enjoy collectibles.

      In addition to dolls themselves, Kmart also has accessories to make the doll feel more real to your daughter. We have crib sets, strollers, carriers, dollhouses, clothing, bottles, pretend food and more. You'll also find doll-sized furniture to furnish a real baby's room, as well as dolls for all ages. The 20-piece doll accessory set has everything your child needs to feed, clean and change the dolls, including a diaper bag.

      Baby dolls come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and mobility to appeal to every child's tastes. Whether you're looking for a new doll for your child to love or accessories to go with it, take time to look around so you make the right choice. From baby dolls that are made for hugging to complex dolls you feel, bathe and teach to walk, you can find something for children of any age. No matter what toys you are looking for, trust Kmart to get them at a price you'll love.

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