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Graco Doll Play Set - Pink & Blue (color
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Delight your little girl with beautiful dolls from Kmart


Dolls are a classic toy for little girls. These beautiful toys give your daughter, niece or granddaughter a constant companion who looks beautiful on the shelf. Girls can learn about social interaction by playing out different social situations with their dolls. These simple toys encourage interaction, sharing and imagination, making them a great choice for developing children. Whether it's a plush doll that she can hug, love and cuddle, or a decorative doll that will give a touch of elegance to her bedroom, your little girl will love her new doll from Kmart.

Starting at a very young age, children develop attachments to toys that represent people and creatures in the real world. You may notice a one-year-old baby who can't let go of his favorite stuffed moose, or a two-year-old girl who believes her porcelain doll is really alive. This makes dolls a toy with universal appeal, just like board games, blocks and dress up clothes. The best choice for your infant or toddler is probably a baby doll. These dolls usually display bright colors and lots of contrast to attract your baby's attention, and some feature teething rings, rattles, crinkle paper and bells in order to provide a full sensory experience.

One of the most classic dolls out there is, of course, Barbie. Barbie dolls are sold in different styles, themes and appearances. She comes with many different outfits so your daughter can play dress up; you can also accessorize your Barbie with extras like cars and dollhouses so your daughter can play out Barbie's day-to-day life. To keep Barbie company, consider getting her a companion. You can buy a Barbie sister sets that comes with a little sister for Barbie to watch over, or you can get her a Ken doll to be her boyfriend.

Horses and other animal dolls are always popular with little girls. A pony might not be realistic, but a beautiful horse doll from My Little Pony can still be a delightful gift for your daughter, niece or granddaughter. The beauty of animal dolls is that they encourage your children to use their imagination, just like a policeman, fireman or doctor playset.

You can't go wrong with a new doll for your little girl. From cuddly baby dolls to inspiring career dolls, you're sure to find something that touches her heart and fuels her creativity. At Kmart we offer a great selection of dolls from popular and classic brands like Barbie, Disney and Monster High. Shop today for a beautiful doll to make your little girl's day.