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      Blocks & Building Sets

      Children of all ages, genders love building toys

      As children develop their motor skills, they'll love playing with building toys that will allow them build elaborate structures they can be proud of while having fun at the same time. Your child will love building individual vehicles, houses, buildings or entire towns out of different kinds of blocks. They'll be occupied for hours with the simple or intricate details of their structure. Kmart offers hundreds of toy building sets for children of all ages. We offer popular brands such as Lego, K'Nex, Megablocks, Nintendo and Guidecraft. You'll never have a shortage of sets to choose from, regardless of the age or gender of the child you're buying for, with our variety and selection.

      Young children will benefit from learning how to construct block sets as they experiment with different shapes, sizes and designs. Guidecraft's Magneatos Jumbo Master Builder 148 and Just Kidz 70 Piece Building Blocks Set are sets that will allow children to be creative when they build because there isn't a particular structure to build. However, Lego Brick Themes My First Construction Site is a great block set for young children who are just learning to follow instructions. The Tinkertoy Animal Building Set will allow your child to create and alter fun animals they can play with. The Lego Duplo Creative Play Toddle Build and Pull Along will give your toddler something to play with after he or she is done creating. If your child likes themed sets, MegaBloks makes a variety of sets based on poplar characters such as Thomas & Friends. K'Nex makes a variety of building sets for all ages as well, such as the Kid K'Nex sets.

      We also offer plenty of more complex building sets with smaller parts that are toys for 12+. The Lego Creator series allows your child to make a variety of buildings, creatures and vehicles, such as the Prehistoric Hunters, Thunder Wings and Seaside House. Lego also offers building set themes such as Star Wars, Monster Fighters, SpongeBob and Marvel Super Heroes. K'Nex has plenty of Nintendo-themed building sets that include your favorite characters, such as Mario and Luigi. Your child will love to recreate famous buildings, cars and spaceships from his or her favorite movies, TV shows and games. Technical-minded children will love making different kinds of roller coasters and Ferris wheels with K'Nex. Young boys will also love playing with toy tools to imitate their dads while building as well.

      Most people think building sets are primarily for boys, but Kmart offers a variety of the toys by gender. The Lego Friends sets are sets with themes girls will love, such as Olivia's Invention Workshop, Mia's Puppy House and Olivia's Newborn Foal. So whether you're looking building sets for a young child, a son or a daughter, Kmart has the variety you need to find something for everyone.