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      Find building sets keep your kids entertained for hours at Kmart

      No matter how old your child is, building sets can keep them occupied for hours while they explore and create. One of the great things about building sets is that there are different versions that are appropriate for every age group, ability level and interest. They can teach your children how to build simple or elaborate structures while still having a great time. If you're having trouble peeling your kids away from the TV or computer screen, building sets are a great way to get your kids interested in more educational activities. At Kmart, you can choose from hundreds of different blocks and building kits.

      A standard set of LEGO building blocks allows your kids to be creative. Older kids can use LEGOs to create whatever they can imagine, or they can follow the directions of a LEGO set and create a more complex structure. LEGO sets allow your children to build everything from a cruise ship to a fire station to a Star Wars gunship. Younger children can use LEGOs to build structures for their favorite characters, like SpongeBob SquarePants and the Smurfs. Your little girl can even use LEGOs to build a toy kitchen, bakery or salon.

      For younger children, consider block sets from brands like Mega Bloks. These early learning toys will help your child grow up with a powerful imagination and great problem-solving skills. This way you can be sure that the building set you purchase is both fun and safe for your child.

      Building sets are a great way to fuel your child's interest in architecture and engineering. K'NEX makes great toys that encourage creativity and curiosity for children of all ages. K'NEX sets feature interlocking plastic rods and connectors that can be pieced together to form machines, architectural structures and models. You child can build anything from a simple house to a huge Ferris wheel, meaning they can start small and work their way up to more complex projects as their skills progress. Similar to science toys, building sets can engage your kids' minds while expanding their engineering and problem-solving skills.

      So many kids today spend all their time in front of the TV or glued to a computer screen. To keep your child engaged, kindle their creativity and foster their interest in more educational activities, get them a good building set. These toys will let them create their own world, whether it's a home, a fire station or a castle. Shop Kmart for a great selection of affordable blocks, buildings sets and more to fuel your child's imagination.

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