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      Building blocks make excellent early learning tools at Kmart

      For generations, kids have loved creating their own buildings, cities and other structures using traditional toy blocks. Building blocks are a great way to help children develop motor skills and creativity, while fostering an interest in architecture and engineering. Blocks are also a social toy; they help your child to learn social skills by sharing with other children and working together. No matter how old your child is, toy blocks can keep them occupied for hours while they explore and learn how to create.

      If you're looking for traditional wood blocks for your child, Guidecraft offers a variety of shapes and sizes that will allow your child to exercise their creativity by building large structures. Guidecraft has junior hollow blocks, arches, tunnels and even a cart to store and transport all your blocks. Early learning toys, such as Arthur's ABC and number blocks, are a great way to teach letters and numbers to your children. MegaBloks Big Building Bag, which is a sack of standard blocks designed for young children who are just getting started using blocks, is a great way for children to create. The set is also compatible with other MegaBloks First Builders sets, so children can continue to build as their collection grows.

      For a more interactive experience, BRIK-A-BLOK is a system that will let children create larger architectural masterpieces that they can crawl through when they're done. Each set encourages both mental and physical stimulation, while providing hours of fun after the structure is completed. This makes them a great toy for kids. Each set comes with a different number of panels that can fit into a compact storage bag when the children are done using them.

      Building sets, such as LEGOs, are also great tools for letting children foster their creativity. They provide less physical exertion than BRIK-A-BLOK, but also allow for more complex structures. You can purchase a brick box, which will give your kids a variety of blocks they can use to make whatever they want. Or give them a themed set that allows them to build structures from popular franchises such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. This variety is what makes LEGO blocks a great toy for children of all ages and interests.

      Its easier than ever for kids to spend all their time watching TV and playing video games. Kids should be playing with toys that exercise their minds and creativity. Building blocks are a classic example of this; they can be used over and over again to make any different structure your child can imagine. Give your children one of these entertaining gifts today from Kmart, where we offer a great selection at attractive prices.

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