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Design unique artwork with different arts and crafts from Kmart

If your little ones can dream up colorful works of art, they can bring those visions to life with arts and crafts. Whether your children are budding artists or scrapbook enthusiasts, Kmart has the quality art supplies to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Keep a few art supplies in your kids' desks to have on hand when inspiration strikes.

Kids can express their artistic sensibilities through painting, drawing and pottery. Colored pencils and crayons make a great choice for young ones. These colorful art supplies help them produce vibrant and imaginative works of art without any messy cleanup. Set up a portable easel and washable paints to surprise your little artist. You can even protect finished masterpieces in a picture frame to decorate your home with original artwork.

A craft kit can be the start of a lifelong hobby. Little ones will love edible craft kits, like candy makers and miniature ovens. These fun toys give children a safe way to develop cooking skills on kid-friendly equipment. Sewing and jewelry kits can help young designers get a head start in the fashion world. Kids will adore creating custom accessories to accentuate their unique style. Help your children explore their creative sides with arts and crafts from Kmart.