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      Arts & Crafts

      Shop for Fun Arts and Crafts for Your Child at Kmart

      When dolls and building sets don't provide enough fun for your child, give him or her an arts and crafts set. Kmart carries a range of arts and crafts that can expand your child's mind and boost his or her creativity.

      Craft kits such as Orbeez jewelry makers and Trademark art sets can keep your child occupied for hours. Use the jewelry maker to create colorful pendants that your child can wear. The 150-piece art set comes with washable markers, paint brushes, crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils and more. Your child can draw, color and paint almost anything he or she can imagine.

      With clay and pottery crafts, your child can create pretend food or real pottery. Play Doh playsets such as the "Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe" come with fun colors to mix and match. Your child can make pretend ice cream swirls using the dispensers, and it even has Play Doh sprinkles to top off the ice cream. Moreover, the Cra-Z-Art motorized pottery wheel lets your child create real pottery using the hands-free foot pedal, paint and clay.

      Crayola and Fisher-Price also have drawing and coloring crafts for children of all ages. The Crayola "Pip-Squeaks" marker tower comes with 50 colored markers with washable inks, so it's easy to remove the markings from your child's clothing or skin. The Fisher-Price "Doodler" is a classic toy that lets your child create fun doodles and drawings on a large screen with easy-slide eraser.

      Get your child off the couch and away from the video games when you give him or her fun arts and crafts sets. From doodlers to jewelry makers, choose Kmart for affordable arts and crafts for your child.