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      Craft Kits Give Kids Hours of Fun

      Getting involved in arts and crafts lets kids unleash their creativity in ways that create tangible results. The selection of craft kits at Kmart can help get your child started on his or her first masterpiece.

      Between modeling clay, Play-Doh and pottery wheels, there are many ways for kids to participate in clay arts. Play-Doh is perhaps the most well-known of the bunch, offering a wide variety of colors and interactive play sets that appeal to children of all ages. Whether you start with a basic 4-color pack or invest in a rainbow of 24 colors, Play-Doh is a simple way to keep your child engaged for hours at a time. Kid-sized pottery wheels are geared toward budding artists who are ready for something a bit more challenging. These wheels can be used to turn out pots and vases of varying types, giving the feel of a real pottery wheel in a safe, child-friendly package.

      Craft paper is for kids who love to draw, stamp, cut, fold and otherwise make things with paper. From big sheets of blank poster board to all-in-one scrapbooking kits, its easy to get your child going with all sorts of paper crafts. Stamp sets are great for kids who like patterns, colors and shapes or who want to use a favorite theme to dress up their drawings. Kids who like to keep track of important events in their lives can get started with their very own scrapbooks. And for children who are fond of puzzles, there are origami paper folding kits that teach them how to turn simple sheets of paper into a variety of fun shapes.

      Even the most careful kids will probably leave a bit of a mess behind when theyre done with their latest projects. Fortunately, most kid-friendly craft supplies can be cleaned up using basic household cleaning products. Arm & Hammer, Scotch-Brite and others give you the cleaning power to tackle smudged paint, errant crayon marks and even spilled glue. You can have a clean home again in no time regardless of how enthusiastic your child was with his or her craft supplies.

      Craft kits give kids of all ages hours of safe, engaging fun. Check out Kmarts extensive selection of childhood arts supplies to get your kids creative juices flowing.

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