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Add to a prized collection or engage the imagination with action figures

Create new stories about beloved heroes, villains, athletes, animals and more with action figures. Stage an exciting scene with rescue figures that helps kids learn about safety and responsibility while they engage their imaginations. Load up a toy aircraft with favorite heroes, villains, sports figures, and toy soldiers.  They'll be able to create any kind of scene as they mix and match their favorite action figures for all kinds of adventures.

For children who are crazy about certain characters and franchises, Kmart carries many action figures drawn straight from popular culture. Kids can pretend to swoop down from the sky to save the entire city with a favorite comic book superhero figurine, or put themselves in the middle of a a high-stakes wrestling match between their favorite heroic and villainous superstars. With an array of toys from all kinds of movies, TV shows and more to mix and match, the winner might even exit the arena afterwards in a car that can transform into a giant robot. Even adults can find something to love in ornate, collectible figures designed specifically to be displayed on a home or office bookshelf.

With exciting action figures and a little bit of imagination, there's no limit to the adventures you and your children can create just about anywhere. Whether you're sending the kids on a fantastical mission in the backyard or keeping them occupied while driving to the store, you'll find action figures to inspire their creativity at Kmart.