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      Get in the ring with wrestling action figures

      When it comes to action figures, those associated with wrestling are among the most popular. No matter if you are a collector or want to put the toy version of your favorite stars into action, there are plenty of options. No longer are wrestling figures large, bendable pieces of rubber that only vaguely resemble a human being, much less your favorite wrestlers. Now, they are made with incredible attention to detail. Deciding which figure is right for you or your child starts with finding the right wrestlers. There are plenty of today's favorites to battle with. If that isn't enough, you can pit the champions of today against those of yesterday to create your dream match. Stars from the WWE, TNA, UFC and more can be found at Kmart.

      WWE action figures come in all shapes and sizes. Recreate your favorite tag team with pre-packaged sets of figures. If you want to re-enact some of the most famous moments in the squared circle, some sets come complete right down to the smallest accessories. Some come ready for action with specialized moves, much like military action figures sets, while others leave it to you to decide what the likes of John Cena, the Rock or CM Punk will do next.

      You can even find action figure playsets, such as wrestling rings with all sorts of additions to make each use memorable. With a variety of different ring styles, there's no end to the creativity at hand. Raise the stakes of your very own main event with steel cages, tables, chairs or rings that spin to increase the action. Of course, no match is complete without a stage for the superstars to enter the arena. If you'd rather appreciate the craftsmanship from a distance, there are display cases and stands available to show off your favorites. Travel cases are great when your kids want to bring all of their guys wherever you go.

      When the kids aren't playing with their favorite Nerf toys, they can duke it out in their own wrestling ring. If they're looking to emulate today's wrestling stars, and Kmart has them covered with masks and belts to look the part. With a vast selection of WWE boys toys, your little guys will have so much fun pretending to be wrestlers or playing with their favorite action figures.

      No matter what you or your little wrestling fans are looking for, Kmart has what you need to get your playroom decked out and ready for their next match. When it comes to the right toys at the right price, look to Kmart and find everything you need in one place.

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