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      Military action figures teach children to save the day

      Little boys love action toys they can save the day with. With Kmart's selection of military and rescue action figures, your child can patrol the war zone or save other toy cars and figures from accidents. We have tons of military toys and rescue vehicles, including helicopters, aircraft carriers and other action figure characters that "operate" those vehicles. We have tons of action figures and accessories that your kids and their friends will love to play with, collect and trade with each other. So whether you're looking for military action figures and accessories for your toddler or teenager, Kmart has the variety and selection you need to choose the perfect gift for your son or daughter.

      At a young age, military action figures can teach your child the importance of helping people. At Kmart, we have plenty of military action figures that are safe for your little ones that will also allow them use their imagination to think up situations and save the day. The Just Kidz Patrol Team set comes with a helicopter, a vehicle and action figures, so your kids can rescue citizens on land, sea and by air. The helicopter also has light and sound, and the action figures have turning heads and movable legs, so your little ones will never want to stop playing. The set also has interchangeable accessories, such as scuba diver, a professional driver, a helicopter pilot and more. Your little one can also play with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Sky Racers carrier with its crew, real-working elevator, planes and anti-aircraft projectiles.

      For generations, little boys have loved to play with G.I. Joe action figures. At Kmart, we have tons of classic military action figures, as well as military characters from your kids' favorite movies, TV shows and games. We also have action figure playsets, such as the Halo Micro Ops series and My First Action playsets. If your son is into comic books, we also carry tons of DC Comics and Marvel character action figures and playsets. Let his or her imagination run wild by mixing and matching characters accessories from their favorite movies and games, so your son or daughter can have ultimate action figure play with their friends. Shop at Kmart for the best selection of action figurines and playsets.

      At Kmart, we also have hundreds of WWE toys and accessories for children of all ages. For your little ones, select our plush WWE wrestlers, so kids can play wrestle with their favorite figures without getting hurt. Your kids will have a great time in the ring with famous characters such as The Rock and The Undertaker as well as classic characters such as Macho Man Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect. Fans of TNA wrestling can also find action figures of The Hardy Boys and Rob Van Dam.

      No matter what kind of action figures your son or daughter is into, from soldiers to superheroes, shop Kmart's selection of hundreds of action figures and playsets that your kids will love. When you need toys at the right price, turn to Kmart.

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