Collectible Figurines

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      Collectible figurines are perfect for the young or the young at heart

      At some point, every child admires a character from a movie, cartoon or video game that they want a doll or figurine of to play with. Kids of all ages love to recreate their favorite scenes for movies or come up with their own plots with their figurines. At Kmart, we have a wide selection of affordable and collectable figurines, whether your son or daughter is into sports, video games, Disney characters, cartoons or anything in between. We have action figure characters and dolls that adults love as well, whether it's to keep in a pristine collection or to pass on to their children. Kmart has hundreds of collectible figurines to choose from for people of all ages and with all different interests.

      If your son or daughter is into a particular movie or series, Kmart has tons of sets of figurines so he or she can collect them all. Many of our figurines are inexpensive so you can reward your kids for good behavior with a figurine they don't have yet. There's nothing kids love more than being part of the pop culture they admire by collecting toys, figurines and other accessories. We have tons of your favorite Star Wars characters, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda and even the less popular characters from different Star Wars movies. Collect your favorites, or grab them all.

      Your kids will love to meet up to play with friends who have other figurines from the collection. Kmart also have tons of DC Comics characters that your son or daughter will love to collect. Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are classic comic book character figurines that make for hours of imaginative play. We also have characters from the Hellboy comic book series, Star Trek, Marvel comic book characters and even Walking Dead. Add action figure buildings to create a whole world for their play.

      When it comes to keeping your daughters satisfied with dolls and collectible figurines, we carry tons of Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls and figurines of popular artists and musicians kids love today, such as Justin Bieber. Girls love to dress up and accessorize their dolls with clothing, purses, jewelry and more. Does she dream of gallant knights and ladies fair? Bring home a medieval playset with our Imaginext Dragon and other maginext action figures to help her live out her fairy tale fantasy. Kmart has all the collectible dolls and figurines to choose from for your daughter.

      Your kids and their friends will love to add more characters to their playsets, so they can come up with creative and exciting ways to use the toys from their favorite movies, TV shows, games and comic books. Or show them how important it is to honor the men and women who serve with military action figures. At Kmart, we have a selection of collectible figurines unmatched by any other, so shop with us to for all your action figure needs.

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