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      Action figures bring characters to life

      Kids love playing with toys and action figures that let them enjoy characters from their favorite games, movies, TV shows and comic books. For years, little boys and little girls of all ages have been putting their favorite comic book figurines and cartoon heroes in mortal peril, only to save them at the last minute. At Kmart, we have tons of action figure characters that will be perfect for your kids, regardless of their age or interest. We have hundreds of different characters, which will ensure you have plenty to choose from. Finding the perfect action figure for your child will be easy at Kmart.

      Have a child that loves the rough-and-tumble wrestlers they see on TV? Check out our selection of WWE wrestling toys. We have hundreds of products that your little showman can collect and trade with his friends. We have individual wrestlers, complete sets and even the championship belt from several different years and series. We have WWE plush dolls for younger boys, as well as more complex wrestling toys for older children who might like to wrestle them or trade with friends. We also carry miniature wrestling rings so your son can wrestle the action figures against his friends or by himself.

      At Kmart, we also have popular action figures made for little kids. Fisher-Price Batman toys make it easy for your little one to play with action figures that are specially designed for kids their age. Choose a Batman bat cave playset, or a miniature Batman with a Batmobile for racing. We also have plenty of Disney action figures from movies such as "Cars" and "Toy Story," as well as Nickelodeon toys from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spongebob. So if you're looking for action figures that are safe for your young ones, check out Kmart's selection of action figures suitable for little kids.

      We also have action figures that are appropriate for older kids, some of which may have more intricate details or smaller parts. Star Wars is a popular collection for kids who are fans of the movies, books and video games. We carry battle sets, fighter pods and individual figurines of your child's favorite Star Wars heroes and villains. We also have a variety of military action figurines setsthat come with battle accessories. For boys that like sports, we have tons of sports action figures that your kids will love. Choose your favorite NHL team figurines, or show your undying support for your beloved college football teams. We also have generic football, soccer and baseball figures that your son or daughter can set up to mimic games or to learn how to play the sport.

      At Kmart, we have more than just restling toys. Shop for thousands of action figures that kids of all interests will love. Kids who dream of being a valian tkinght and slaying the dragon will love our roaring battery powered Imaginext Dragon and castle payset in our Imaginext action figures collection. Kmart has plenty of action figures for children of all ages and interests.

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